Answering The Call

Whatever your vocation, it’s likely that you can be a part of the worldwide Bible translation team. God calls men and women to support Bible translation using the skills they have now. Currently, more than 5,000 people serve with Wycliffe, but hundreds of additional workers are still needed.

Wycliffe is working to grow this missions workforce, matching people to strategic jobs here in the U.S. and abroad. Most of Wycliffe’s personnel are missionaries raising their own financial support, while others are volunteers and paid employees.

  • As technology and social networking open doors for Wycliffe recruiters, pray that they will leverage these resources appropriately and engage even more people.
  • Pray that our recruiters will be spiritually empowered to communicate effectively with both individuals and large groups of people.

So, which avenue of involvement is right for you or someone you know? Check out the possibilities listed below and pray for many people to respond to these opportunities to support the mission and vision of Bible translation through their service.

Wycliffe Careers

There are many ways to join the worldwide Wycliffe team. New members attend training and then raise their own salaries from family, friends, and churches. A career with Wycliffe could lead to an assignment in Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Pacific region, or Europe.

The Global Service Program is a new opportunity for individuals to serve for six months to two years.  This program is ideal for individuals who want to serve for a limited time before making a long term commitment.

Some jobs (mostly in the U.S.) are paid positions. Wycliffe regularly posts open positions online. To view the list of current openings go to

A large number of people choose to volunteer their time and their skills in support of Bible translation. Volunteers apply through Wycliffe Associates, and contribute to projects all over the world.

Involving the Next Generation

The next generation may not be ready to commit to a Wycliffe career, but they can still experience the dynamic world of Bible translation through one of these programs…

U.S. Summer Internships

Wycliffe USA’s ten-week summer internship program provides college students and recent graduates with a way to receive college credit while using their unique skills to serve with Wycliffe in the U.S. Participants can serve either at the headquarters in Orlando, Florida, or with one of Wycliffe’s partners in other U.S. locations.


Discovery trips are designed for individuals, ages 21 and older, who want to first experience what serving with Wycliffe is really like before completing their training or education. They spend 6 to 8 weeks overseas working in their area of expertise, whether it’s Bible translation or hands-on support work.

GET Global

GET Global takes students, ages 15 to 23, in groups of 8 to 12, to countries like Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, or Cameroon where they are immersed in a minority language culture for 2 to 3 weeks.


Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today Blog

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