Bible Translator Is Not Just A Job

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” (Ephesians 6:7, NLT).

Language and translation workers in Senegal, Africa, are longing to serve the Church and see people come to faith in Jesus Christ. In a statement that certainly echoes the sentiments of missions workers throughout the world, a staff member working in Senegal wrote:

“We are so aware of the temptation to be merely ‘doing the job’ rather than serving the Kingdom of God. Pray for strong relationships among the people with whom we are working. We want to guard against this becoming just another job. Ask the Lord to keep us fresh for His use.”

Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today blog

Yes, it is not just a job, not just a life routine of someone. It’s a calling, a desire, a passion that God put in each heart of who He has called to this job. I know it’s easy for us to get trap in our every day routine because we do it every day with our own strength and power. But it won’t be if we do it for God, ask for God’s hand over us and ask for God’s Holy Spirit to empower us to do our job every day. That’s the important things. As we pray for the Senegal translation team, we also need to pray this pray for ALL BIBLE TRANSLATORS and MISSIONARIES in the whole world.

Would you join me to pray for them today?

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May God be glorify and until the whole world heard of the Good News!

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