Cook Out With Andrew & Grace

Dave, Abigail, Grace and Andrew... where's Helen? I was the photographer =)

It was a little bit cloudy in the Saturday morning and we had this plan “Cooking Out Indonesian Food” with our friends, Andrew and Grace. The weather changed. It turned the day to be quite sunny and warmer. Then we started the Satay-palooza! Always there’s a first time for everything, right? So, it was our first time Satay Grilling Day!

While waiting for the preparation to be done, Grace and Andrew had a change to spend time with Abigail outside playing bubbles and she showed them her new ability: jumping up high.

The Picture a little bit off, but caught the moment in the air



“Burnt! Fire! Ahhh….!”

Yeah.. that happened while grilling the pork satay. The bamboo skewers got caught in the fire and the meat burnt (just a few of them… thank goodness!). At next round we used the metal skewers and cooked them on the second tray, and slowly.

The Best of them... Yummy!

So glad that everybody could enjoy the meal and liked it. We had the Pork Satay with “Nasi Ketupat” (Rice Cubes, originally wrapped in the coconut leave and shaped like  cubes, but the instant ones were wrapped in the special plastic, found them at the Asian Store in Columbus). Not only we had some tasty main courses, but also we had some tasty desserts: Strawberries, Blueberries, and Magnum Ice Cream Bars!

Abigail likes banana and apples. This time she tried to eat the Strawberry and Blueberries. She ate quite a bit of Strawberries, but none of the Blueberries. She put the Blueberry in her mouth, rolled around, and spitted it out again.

Abigail had some Strawberries for the first time

And after we ate our delicious dinner, we spent the rest of the evening until sundown. While we were talking, I noticed that we actually had some pretty orange lily were blooming at the corner back of our house. I took a change to take some snapshots of them. See what do you think about it =)

Blooming Orange Lily

It seemed that we didn’t wanna end the day… but it was dark and time for Andrew and Grace to hit the road.

We were so glad that we could spend the Saturday afternoon with them, to get to know them more, especially Andrew. Grace is our church friend, but we only see her mostly on Sunday mornings and our Thursday Bible Study Evening, so not much time to talk. So this cooking out worked out well for our building relationship. We are thinking to do more often.

Blessings to you all! Have a wonderful Summer Time!



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