Dave, Helen & Abigail are getting ready!

First of all we would like to say, “HAPPY EASTER 2010!” Jesus’ Resurrection is the prove that He is the King of kings, the Ruler and the Savior. Only in Jesus Christ we find our hope and faith. Apostle Paul said that if Jesus never risen from death, our faith and belief in Him is useless and nothing (1 Corinthians 15:2). But God has proven that through Jesus and only His begotten Son that we have eternal life and the fullness of life (John 10:10). Now we have the confidence to continue walk in faith in God because of Jesus is alive!

Since Abigail was born in 2009, she hasn’t seen her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in Indo. It was impossible to go because Abigail was too little for a long journey, Helen was in recovery stage from the surgery and Dave was quite busy. But this year, Abigail just turned to one year old and most of all it’s because of God and his blessings, we will go to Indonesia to visit families friends. Thank you so very much for supporting us in prayers and financial needs.

We will take the flights to LA and see some friends from previous SEA Disco Trips* for couple of days. Then we will take a long flight to Indo. We will stay at Helen’s parents’ house. We will see some friends at SID*, at KD*, at some churches, also to see some friends and family in Bandung. We hope and pray that God bless the plan and make this trip fruitful. Only God can make all things are possible! (* Please see Dave/Helen for the explanation.)

Our praise and thank to God, and to you all:
We praise God for providing the ways and all things that we need for this trip

We praise God for every people – families and friends – that God has sent to support us since the beginning and helping us in many ways. God bless you all because of your generous hearts!

Will you all be praying for us in this special trip: Here are our prayer request:
Pray for all our preparation spiritually & physically here.

Pray for our health and safety on the plane with a long hours flights, and protection from any harms. We plan to leave on May 8th.

Pray for comfort and peace in our hearts so we can have a great time and especially for Abigail so that she is able to handle all new things she will engage in this trip and all the changes that happen.

Pray for God’s love, blessing and protection for our families and friends in State; We’re gonna miss them so much.

Pray for Helen’s family and their needs spiritually, physically and financially.

Thank you so very much for praying for us and all what we need. God will show his grace, love and kindness to you. Thank you for showing us your love, supports and generosity. God bless you!

In God’s love and grace,
Dave, Helen & Abigail

Dave, Helen & Abigail (April 2010)

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