Declare Conference: The Voice We Have

I love this quote from Declare Conference blog sidebar. The purpose we come to know God is to make Him known to our family, friends, and to the whole world!

Twenty three days remaining until the Declare Conference (August 9 – 10, 2013).

I am excited to be there, not because this is my first blogging conference, not because it’s a trend to go to a blogging conference, but I have my very own reasons to go.

Honestly, I do not write well in English and just “gibberish” here and there on my post since 2008.

Yes, I am nervous. Yes, I am not a “regular” and “consistent” blogger. Yes, I am a newbie in blogging world. Yes, I am a home stay mom and work at home mom (for now). Yes, I am a missionary. Yes, I am not English speaker. Yes, I’ve made TONS of mistake in my writing (even in this post, perhaps). But those are the WHYs I wanna go to Declare Conference.

I wanna be there because I wanna be voice through writing my stories, testimonies to declare the glory of God, to make Him known among the nations, be the voice to share the needs of the people who do not have one single verse of God’s word in the language they understand, to mobilize more Christians to see how they can be part of God’s mission works in every way they are called to. I am super excited to meet The Seed Company bloggers, those who have one desire and vision to end Bible poverty!

I wanna go equipped and learn from the bests how to write and share my stories effectively so that the message can be delivered in ways the readers can understand it. I want my posts impact lives!

I wanna be there because I wanna be inspired by other Christian women bloggers who have been great blessings in my life thought reading their posts.

My list can go on and on… but I would like to share with you today that this conference is not just a gathering of a bunch of bloggers, this conference will make a difference in your life and others.

If you have the same (or maybe similar reasons) like mine, or life just like my kindda life, then you might wanna pray and ask God to send you to this conference.

This is the conference where you wanna be there and together we shout out our voice to declare the awesomeness of our Living God, the greatness of God and to know that we are not alone.  This is the conference where you can find mentor, accountable friend, and encourage each other. This is the conference where God will glorify HIS HOLY NAME through your and my posts!

What is the FUN part of going to this conference? OH YEAH! This will be SO MUCH FUN! We get to meet friends we have met through Twitter and Facebook group, or any other Social Media IN REAL LIFE!! Isn’t that wonderful and FUN? Meeting them, hugging them and having conversation with them in person! We will make new friends and building relationships. And oh I almost forgot the mention that the Hotel where you can stay with special deal for Declare Conference attendees is amazing!

There is coffee/tea in your rooms.
Room Service is also available.
The restaurant downstairs serves Starbucks coffee.
There is a Starbucks 1.3 miles away at 4010 N Macarthur Blvd
Declare is hosting a special European Coffee Bar on Saturday:

“Fresh orange, lemon zest, shaved dark chocolate
whole cinnamon sticks, rock candy stirrers,
grand marnier flavored whipped cream
featuring premium regular and decaffeinated flavored coffees”

(Michelle Acker, Declare Conference host, person who can help you with anything related to the conference :D)

Friends, I do hope and pray for you that God will make a way for you to go to Declare Conference this year. If you feel God leads you to go, you still have time to register today!



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18 thoughts on “Declare Conference: The Voice We Have

    • Oh. No need to be nervous, I promise! Just 2 years ago this was the first blogging conference I ever went to, and I was petrified. But I LOVED it. And we promise to make you feel welcome like family! 🙂

      • 🙂 THANK YOU! I feel welcome already at our FB group! I am easily nervous, worse thing I won’t say anything, just listening to every conversation!