Love God Greatly: Ecclesiastes Study Book In Indonesian & 17 Other Languages


Today I wanna share an amazing news! Now the new Ecclesiastes Bible Study Book from Love God Greatly is now available in 18 languages, including INDONESIAN!!!

Get the study book in English, Indonesian edition and 16 more languages (paperback) on Amazon:

When you buy this book, all proceeds to the ministry of Love God Greatly to:

  • INSPIREwomen to make God’s Word a priority in their daily lives through our Bible study resources;
  • ENCOURAGE women in their daily walks with God through online community and personal accountability;
  • EQUIP women to grow in their faith, so that they can effectively reach others for Christ.

If you know any one who can be blessed by studying God’s word, or any Pastors, or Mission Pastors, or Women Ministry Leaders, please share this with them.

We are going to start a coorporate online study on Ecclesiastes starting March 21st, but if you have not yet get the book, you can always start at anytime you can. Also check Love God Greatly Blog for more encouraging posts and additional studies.

Thank You so much and Have a blessec day!



Saya dan teman saya bergabung dengan tim penerjemah internasional dari salah satu organisasi pelayanan wanita Love God Greatly (www.lovegodgreatly), untuk menerjemahkan buku-buku mereka ke dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Saat ini sudah tersedia buku pendalaman Alkitab dari Kitab Pengkhotbah.

Buku ini juga bisa di jadikan materi belajar firman secara pribadi dan untuk kelompok kecil.

Dan juga tersedia dalam bentuk buku yang dapat dibeli di Amazon dan dengan membeli buku ini kalian memberi untuk pelayanan ini juga:

Pengkotbah: Menemukan Tujuan Hidup Sejati (Buku Pendalaman Alkitan & Jurnal).

Doa kami agar lewat pembelajaran firman Tuhan ini banyak wanita di Indonesia diberkati Tuhan secara rohani dan juga hidup diubahkan dengan kuasa Roh Kudus yang bekerja dalam hidup setiap pribadi.

Sebarkan dan bagikan ke keluarga dan teman-teman juga yah. Kalau ada pertanyaan hubungi aku :). Terima kasih!

Tuhan Yesus berkati semuanya.

As We Love In Christ Jesus


Today I learned these 3 Tips from Kids Video. Oh yes, Kids video is not only for kids, but also God can use it to speak to us as adults.

For us to experience God’s peace in your heart and mind as you live in Christ Jesus, in these verses we are instructed to do these:

  1. Do not worry about anything that you need.
  2. Pray about it.
  3. Tell God everything what you need. Thank God for what He has done.

Which one is the most challenging for you?

Always Pray And Do Not Lose Heart


Jesus loved teaching using parables when He was with his disciples or among the crowd. He used parables because he wanted them to know who God was and His Kingdom.

In the last 3 weeks, I have been doing the Growing Through Prayer study from Love God Greatly (you can get the study book journal here). This is a journey of faith for me, to live a prayerful life. It is not easy because in reality there are too many challenges to focus and set aside time to just pray. But here’s an amazing and great news to all of us, God, our Loving Heavenly Father, gives us the Holy Spirit to help us to pray and to pray for us when we do not know what to say. Holy Spirit knkws exactly what God’s will for us. We need to humble ourselves and surrender under His authority and grace to grow in our prayer lives.

The parable of the persistent widow is one of the parables Jesus used to teach them to pray. It is interesting isn’t? Especially when we read the passage, the widow pleaded her case before an unjust judge.

What is actually Jesus trying to show us from this passage?

I learned these 3 lessons from this parable:

  • Always ask = never stop praying.
  • Do not lose heart if there is a delay = have faith
  • God is just = He will act justly and quickly

In prayer, we come before the throne of the Just God with faith and hope. Do not lose heart, Jesus said. It is not only a suggestion, it is a command for us to keep praying until God answers according to His will.

How long?

That is uncertain. God is the one who knows the best time to answer our prayers.

Do not lose heart in waiting for His answer.

I pray God will encourage your hearts today while waiting for His answer to your prayers.

Hope In God Who Gives Refuge

I am thankful both of my daughters are early risers 🙂 And it is a big challeng for me to get up earlier than them to give myself enough time to do my morning devotion time. But this week, The Big Girl had 2 days of 2 hours delay and 3 days no school (Monday was Martin Luther, Jr. Day and 2 Snow days). It was a short week of school and our days at home were full with noises, laughs, cries, games and never stop calling “Mama, I want this…” or “Mama, I am hungry!”

Those are some of those days when I cannot do my quite time in the mornings so I take some time in between days. And even sometimes both girls sat with me doing devotion together and painting. Moments I treasure with my God and my daughters.

My daughters are not distractions in my life, they are blessings from God!

This week I learned one character of God as the Father who cares for His children and God who gives refuge for those who seek for His help. In Ruth chapter 2, Naomi and Ruth had no hope when they went back to Bethlehem. Naomi was too old to work and Ruth was willing to give up her comfort life back in Moab. Ruth dedicated her life to take care of her mother-in-law.


Back in Bethlemen, Naomi was a foreigner. I can relate. I am a foreigner here in my husband’s country. I followed him back to Ohio out of love and trusting that God knows the life in this foreign country way before I set my foot in the country.

Ruth decided to go out to gather grain in the field with hope that the people who worked there would show her favor and let her collecting the grain on the ground for their food. God showed her His kindness and favor through the workers.

Then Boaz came home from his trip and he let her stayed with the women workers, ate and drank with them, and kelt collecting grain. She was surprised by his kindness to her becuase she was a foreigner in the lamd of Israel.

For Ruth, everything is “just happened” at that moment but for Naomi, even she was bitter, she knew in her heart that God took care for them and sent Boaz as the family redeemer.


Boaz said something amazing that changed Ruth’s view of being a foreigner. Boaz encouraged her with the truth that God will reward her for all kindness she has shown to her mother-in-law, putting her trust in the God of Israel and taking refuge under His wings.

Boaz gave Ruth hope by letting her know that God who would reward her and take care of her and Naomi.

Take Refuge under the wings of God Almighty. There is hope in the Lord. He will take care of us when we take refuge (rest; stay; take residence) under His wings (His place; His presence) every day as long as we live.


Often we say “just happened” in our every day life, but to God, that is more than mere coincidence. He is working in our lives in ways we may not even notice.

There is hope when we put our trust in Him to meet our needs in time of “famine”. Trusting Him gives us hope in hard circumstances that seems impossible to us to go through.

God has sent Jesus, the redeemer. He sent Jesus to give us hope for the future. He sent Jesus to save us from the death. All because He cares for you and me.

Let God do what he can do in your life today. You will be amazed!

This week journaling is a challenge for me to leave my comfort zone and step into new thing. I have been learning about mixed media and this page is a mixed media page. I used Gelatos, Acrylic paint, embosimg paste, stamping and stickers. Started with a mess and turned out to be an adoration for God.

Like our lives, when we surrender and take refuge under His wings, there is hope God will turn lives into what he has planned for us since the beginning.

May God bless you richly this weekend!

The Lord Be With You And Bless You

Jesus came not to make us feel better, but to save us from the death. He came to redeem, to restore, to heal and to renew lives.

Today’s we start week 3 studying the book of Ruth with HelloMornings group. We read from Ruth 2:1-7. Ruth and Naomi settled in and started a new life in Bethlehem. Both of them are widows. They did not have any men in their lives to provide food on the table, they had to work to survive. As we all know, when we move to a new place, new city, new home, it takes a while to settle in and get used to the new place. But God was there with Naomi and Ruth.

God used Boaz – a wealthy, respected and God-loving single man – to bless Ruth and Naomi and to restore their lives. In God’s storyline, there is no such things as coincidence.

Ruth 2:4 - The LORD Be With You And Bless You #HelloMornings #TakeRefuge

When I read this verse 4, God spoke to me personally to remind me to always greet others with His blessings. In this world already have too many sadness, discouragements and disappointments. Words we speak can be a blessing and encouragement to others, or can be a curse and discouragement to them.

Boaz knew Naomi becuase they were related because he was her husband’s relative. But Ruth, Boaz never met of her nor heard because she was married to Naomi’s son when they were in Moab. When Boaz heard about Ruth that she as a Moabite, he did not care that she was not from their tribe. He let her kept gathering the grain dropped by his workers, he even told them to “accidently” drop more so she could get more for their food.

We often meet strangers in need wherever we go. But we hold back to help them becuase we can come up with lots of reasons to not open our car window to talk to them, or to stop a while at store. We are afraid to help strangers because there are many bad cases we heard. We are afraid to help them because we just not know them.

But our God has blessed us with more for a purpose: to be a blessing to others. And I believe that the Holy Spirit will give us impression in our hearts which stangers who need helps and which ones not. I believe our God will use us to let others know that He cares for them and not to harm us.

You and I always hear people say or write “God bless you” in every end of conversation we have with other Christians. We say or write it not because we are Christians, or to let them know that we are Christians, but there is powerful message in that phrase. When we say, “God bless you” to others, we let them know that God is with them and He blesses them with His blessings! We release God’s blessings into their lives. This not just some empty words that we say out loud.

Let's bless other not only with words, but with our faith knowing that God really be with them and bless them. #HelloMornings #TakeRefuge #BibleJournaling #BibleArtJournaling #JournalingBibleCommunity #DocumentedFaith

What would you feel in your spirit and heart when someone say it back to you? Would you believe that God will bless you? Or is it just a closing phrase?

This truth I read from the passage of the Bible totally change my motive and intention of saying, “God bless you” to others. Let’s we say it with faith that God truly is with them and will bless them abundantly! Not only with words, but let us bless them with our deeds, so that they may see the goodness of God and experience the presence of the LORD All Might to meet their needs.

And I pray that God will bless you all today!