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Easter is less 2 weeks now. And there are some special things we as family love to do during this Lent and Easter. Especially during the Holy Week, this year, I am planning to do Find More Jesus: Make Easter All About Jesus (Christ-Centered Traditions Book 1) from Katie Orr.

This book is perfect for kids age 2 years old and up. She gives the list of supplies and how we can do the devotions with our children, introducing them to Jesus and to find Jesus in the midst of what the world is offering to our children during this Easter season. This book full of activities to help our children to grasp the message of the Lord in ways they can understand and simple. This is a book for busy mind kids and moms.

It is true when she says in the introduction of the book that when we walk through the stores to get things we need or stuff we want to put in the Easter basket, we will not find anything that will tell us where to find Jesus, the center of the season. The one we suppose to adore and proclaim what He had done for the world on the cross.

And Katie has someting very special this year, she is giving this book for FREE for everyone as a gift! Here’s little note from Katie:

Find More Jesus was written with busyness of littles in mind. Each lesson in this 8-day guide can take as little as 5 minutes a day, with very minimal preparation.
So, if you are a mom, grandmom, aunt, or neighbor of children who need to hear the real meaning behind Easter, I’d love for you to have a copy of Find More Jesus. Simply grab a free copy of Find More Jesus, take a little one or two by the hand, and lead them to the Biblical truths of what Easter is all about.
Click here to download the e-guide. (Use “free” at checkout. I’d love it if you’d spread the word about it, too!

This is the book you’ll need to help your children to find more Jesus in this Easter.


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