Focus UPG: Aneuk Jamee

When we were attending a mission conference back in March 2013, we were blessed to meet with people from Indonesia where they serve God among the Unreached People Groups. They shared encouraging testimonies what God has been doing in the country, also they shared the needs to go reaching out these people. This burden’s my husband’s and my hearts. We know God has put this country in our hearts.

We pray one day we can go and serve the Almighty God, share His Good News with the people and even live among them to share His love and become the light God wants us to be.

I have been posting Focus UPG on every Tuesday (I missed some Tuesdays, sorry!) but starting today, I would like to start focusing on those Unreached People Groups that never been served and have no Bibles at all in their languages.

Please join in me in prayer for them! We all know well in our hearts that God will listen to our prayers for the lost, because He cares for them and He loves them as much as He loves us, too!

Today Focus Unengaged Unreached People Group is the People of Aneuk Jamee. They are part of Aceh cluster. They live in the island of Sumatra. Its population is about 65,000 people. Their main belief is Islam (99.90%). There are only about 0.10% Christians. They need the Bible in their language. In 1996 they received their first NT.

The Aneuk Jamee are found in the southern part of the western coastline of Aceh province on the island of Sumatera. They tend to live around the small bays and on the low plains hemmed in by the Bukit Barisan mountain range. These areas are primarily in West Aceh Regency in the four districts of Tapak Tuan, Samadua, Sawang and Labuhan Haji. Smaller numbers of Aneuk Jamee live in South Aceh Regency in the three districts of Johan Pahlawan, Kaway XVI and Kuala. One group of Aneuk Jamee calling themselves the Ba’apo live farther south in Simpang Kiri District, Singkil Regency. The name Aneuk Jamee in the Aceh language means “offspring of guests” or “newcomer”. The name refers to Minangkabau people from the Lubuk Sikaping, Pariaman, Rao and Pasaman areas farther south who began migrating to the area in the 17th century. Gradually, they settled among the Aceh people in the area, a process facilitated by a common Islamic faith. Eventually, they came to feel that they were neither Aceh nor Minangkabau but rather a new people group with their own distinct culture and language. The Aneuk Jamee language is called Jamee or Jamu. The Aceh in southern Aceh can understand this Jamee language because the Minangkabau vocabulary that is part of their language is similar to the national language. However, most Aneuk Jamee do not understand or use the Aceh language.

They are one of the least reached people groups and the need of people to come and share the Good News with them is urgent. They don’t have any local churches. (source Joshua Project).

How we can pray for them today:

  • All through human history God has used His angels as messengers, even announcing the birth of Christ to the shepherds. God loves to use His people, but there are times when only an angelic visit will do the job.
  • All ministry effort is vain unless it is anointed by God. When God adds His power to our efforts, then things happen, and hearts are changed.
  • Reaching the unreached is a monumental task. There just aren’t enough individuals to get the word out to everyone. TV and radio can be incredibly powerful mediums for communicating the gospel, because they can penetrate areas where Christian workers may not be able to go.

(source: Prayer Guard)


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