Focus UPG: Kluet of Indonesia

The Kluet people is one of the 39 unengaged unreached people groups in Indonesia. They live in Aceh Province, North Sumatera, northern part of the country. The population is about 50,000 people. They language they speak is called Batak-Alas Kluet.

The Kluet people are 100% Muslim, but the traditional animistic beliefs have not totally disappeared and often have significant impact. This can be seen in their daily lives, especially in special ceremonies. Many Kluet are afraid of evil spirits. They believe that one of the graves in their area has magical powers. The Kluet say that this grave can be seen at certain times while at other times it disappears. They use magic charms so that evil spirits will not hurt them. These charms help them feel calmer and more protected.

The Kluet do not place much value in education. Modern agricultural tools and methods would help keep them from feeling left behind and threatened by outsiders who come to their area. Medical assistance is greatly needed due to an increase in malaria and dengue fever as well as poor nutrition. Financial investment is very much needed.

How can we pray for them?

Pray that God will call the people who are willing and equipped to go and workers to show them the love of Christ and tell them the good news.

Pray for an emerging Kluet Church.

Pray for Bible Translation project will be started for these people. Having the Bible translated into the local language is an important resource for reaching an unreached people group. The written word in their own language adds validity and acceptance to the message, as well as making it more available.

Pray that God will use the most effective ways to send His message to the people.

(source: Joshua ProjectPrayerguardGlobal Prayer Digest)


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