Five Minute Friday: Gift

A gift is always a surprise.

A gift is something that someone give to you for free, not for what you have done or what you have become.

A gift is a present that the giver knows well what we need.

A gift always brings joy, puts a big smile on your face and a speechless thanksgiving.

A gift is given out of love, pure love.

A true gift is given by God through His Son Jesus Christ, nothing in this world can compare to this gift from God.

I am surprised by God’s love in my life since I came to Him and to surrender my life under His lordship, through Jesus Christ.

This is the gift that I won’t ever ever ever trade with anything else in this world.

Salvation is a gift, not something we earn because we are being good and nice to others.

Grace is a gift, not something that we think we can have because we do what we’ve told to do.

Love is a gift, not something that we can buy with our money or trade with all the wealth in this world has.

Nothing can compare to the this Gift.

The ultimate gift of life from God is JESUS CHRIST.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Gift

  1. “Love is a gift, not something we can buy…” So true. The world is very materialistic and it’s refreshing to read your post today about the real gift. Blessings, Mary

    • I surely agree with your about our world. The gift we have sometimes we take for granted. But God is still so love and good to us and this world. Blessings to you, too, Mary!

  2. Yes yes yes. He is the greatest gift, the only gift that makes life worth living. SO thankful for your shining faith in Him, for your willingness to humbly serve. What a treasureyou are!