Gratitude Bible Journaling Week 1

There are so many things we can thank God for. Big things, small things, everything that are good come from Him.

During the month of November, I join the Illustrated Faith Community to document our thanksgiving through journaling. They have the Gratitude Documented Journal sold at their Etsy store. But I did not get it on time to start this, I do my journaling on my ESV Journaling Bible 🙂

And here’s the list of promts provided for all of us to join their #GratitudeDocumented:

Illustrated Faith Community in #GratitudeDocumented

I started on the first day and I did the first 2 pages (Day 1 and Day 2), but got stopped because of our kids got sick. Here are the other 4 of my Gratitude Bible Journaling pages from last Week 1.

Gratitude Documented Bible Journaling Day 3: Family. Joshua 24:14-15 #blessedfamily #biblejournaling #illustratedfaith #gratitudedocumented #latinacrafterstamps #beablessing #ctmh #fabercastell #gelatos #pittsartistpen #creatingjoyfully #LampAndLight

Day 3: Family.

Joshua 24:14-15

Never stop thanking God for my family. This is my prayer that we will serve Him as a family as long as we live. We will walk by faith, not by sight. We trust in Him and we entrust our lives in Him. For He is our God, Savior and Lord.

Gratitute Documented Bible Journaling Day 4: Passion. John 1:1-5 #illustratedfaith #gratitudedocumented #biblejournaling #latinacrafter #neatandtangled #beablessing #fabercastell #gelatos #pittsartistpens #stampersbigbrushpens #primamarketing #creatingjoyfully #lampandlight

Day 4: Passion

John 1:1-15

The passion God has put in my heart is that to see more SEA* people to have God’s word translated in languages that the people speak and they will be able to read His word in their heart languages, so that they will know who God is, that He is the Word, that He is the Creator, that He is the Life, and that He is the Light that shine in the darkness. And they will come to trust in Him, saved and serve Him. This is His passion.

Gratitute Documented Bible Journaling Day 5: Peace. Isaiah 9:1-7 #gratitudedocumented #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling #peace #PrinceofPeace #neatandtangled #pittsartistpens #gelatos #FaberCastell #creatingjoyfully #LampAndLight

Day 5: Peace.

Isaiah 9:1-7

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, who was born, given and sent to us to govern over all rulers of the earth and heavens.

He rules with justice and righteousness. He is with us and in us.

He gives us the peace that the world cannot give us.

Gratitude Documented Bible Journaling Day 6: Forgiveness. 1 John 1:7-10 #illustratedfaith #gratitudedocumented #biblejournaling #latinacrafterstamps #beablessing #ctmh #FaberCastell #stampersbigbrushpens #pittsartistpens #eksuccesscalligraphypens #creatingjoyfully #LampAndLight

Day 6: Forgiveness.

1 John 1:7-10

We need Jesus to cleanse us with His blood.
Confession of our sins leads us to forgiveness, and God who is faithful will forgive us and heal us.

When I did the journaling, God encouraged my heart with His words. He strengthen my hope and faith in Him. So thankful for God’s word that speak into our lives!

Thank You for visiting and Have a wonderful blessed week!


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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Bible Journaling Week 1

  1. Hi Helen! I so enjoyed reading your blog post today!! Not only does it Glorify God but it truly inspired me to get back at my bible journaling. I really needed this boost today!! Thank you!! Thank you for sharing your art with for Word Art Wednesday’s Challenge 209! Ginny M DT WAW