He Has Been, He Is and He Will Be


Another 2 hours delay school this morning so the girl slept in a little bit. I had a little longer quite morning after my husband left for work. Then she woke up but the little girl was still a sleep.

While she was eating her breakfast, I remembered that I needed to call the hospital to schedule my ultrasound, an order from my OB/GYN. So I called the number on the card, talked to the lady and she scheduled me to have the ultrasound on March 26th. I though, “Ah it will be next month. That’s fine.” I told my husband and then after I came back from taking my daughter to the bus, I saw a missed call from the hospital. I called her back and she asked if I could come in today at 1:30 PM. Since I cannot drive by myself yet, I asked my husband and he said sure we could do that.

My mother in law picked us up and went to the hospital. Checked in and waited. Finally after about 15 minutes, they called my name.

I went in with the nurse to the room to get ready. When she was getting ready on her computer, she told me to lay down on the table and just relax. In my mind I was thinking how I can feel relax in this room full of exam equipment. I started to say a prayer.

She took me to a room and asked me lots of questions about me and my family history related to cancer and breast cancer. After that, she did the ultrasound. When she was done, she told me to wait because she needed to call the radiologist to re-check the result and did more exam. The cardiologist came in and told me that the pictures were not too clear to determine the result and she wanted me to do the mammography.

After hearing what she told me about the reason why I needed the mammography, I got scared and worried. The nurse took me to another waiting room for that process.

Sitting there alone for while waiting for my turn. I talked to my Father in Heaven, asking Him to give me comfort and brave to walk through all of these process. I asked Him to calm my mind and know that He was there with me in that waiting room, in that exam room. I asked Him to use all these tests to give clear results what’s going on and answers.

There two ladies before me and then my turn. Walking into the room, I am so thankful the nurse was so nice and comforting. She helped me with the process and told me to wait for the radiologist.

And then she came back, asking me to go into the room again because she needed more pictures.

15 minutes passed.

She came back and gave me the results.

I praise God for the results. He indeed used all the process to make everything clear and showed there was nothing to worry about. I asked Him and He answered. I do not have anything that either my OB/GYN and the Radiologist thought I might have. I do not have any cysts that they were suspected I had because of the pain I have been having in the last month. God made it clear to us through the ultrasound and mammography. He has been there for me and my family. As the truth in Psalm 121 I read tonight,

From Him is my only help and hope.

From Him is my only strength, He won’t let me stumble, for the Lord watches me.

He stands beside me as my protective shade, for the Lord watches me.

He keeps me from all harms and watch over my life.

He keeps watch over me as I come and go, both now and forever.

This is my hope and prayer for you, too my friends. When you put your hope and trust in Him and Him only, He will watch over you and your loved ones. He cares for you so much, more that you ever imagine.

He has been there. He is there. And He will be there for you and me. Always.

I hope this song will bless and strengthen you today,

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One thought on “He Has Been, He Is and He Will Be

  1. Wonderful post Helen! I too am do for my mammogram…happy to hear you had good news. I was so excited when you said you were going for an ultrasound as I thought perhaps you were having another child. The song you shared has always been one of my very favorites too!