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An 9.1 earthquake struck the coast of Japan on March 11th, at the depth of about 17 miles below the earth’s surface. The most effected area was Sendai.

Japan continues to experience an ongoing national tragedy as a result of the earthquake. Dozens of earthquakes were felt after the quake, some more than 6.0 magnitude. And now, they are facing nuclear problem because of the plant got hit by the tsunami.

Until last Thursday, news reported that more than 5,000 people died (and still counting), more than 8,000 people were still missing, and about 2,200 people were injured. The search and rescue teams are still looking for more people under the destroyed buildings and in the sea.

“Our concern for the earthquake and tsunami victims goes hand-in-hand with our compassion for the spiritual needs of the nation. Only one or two of every 1,000 Japanese would confess Christ as Lord. Operation World reports that only 1.5 percent of Japan’s 126 million people are believers, and based on statistics from the Joshua Project (JoshuaProject.net), the Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world.” (Pioneers.org)

We all can unite our hearts and bow down before God for the Japanese and their land, ask for God’s forgiveness and to restore their land and hearts, ask God to help them and lead them back to God and worship God in this situation. Pray that God will use the 1,5% believers to spread His glory and love among the others and survivors. Pray that God will use all the mission agencies to help and comfort the survivors and bring hope to them that God is still good and love them. Please also pray for God’s wisdom for the Government that they can find the ways to help the people, rebuild nation, and recover economically, and how to deal with the nuclear problem so that will not cause a massive problem.

Desiring God lists at least five points how we can act and help Japan:

1. Churches Helping Churches is working together with CRASH Japan.

2. Food For The Hungry is working with local partners in northern Japan to initiate relief responses.

3. OMF International workers will be helping with relief efforts Samaritan’s Purse Sendai region.

4. Samaritan’s Purse is already on there to help distributing aids in the coastal area around Sendai.

5. World Vision is helping thousands of people devastated by the earthquake and tsunami by sending their emergency response team to distribute relief supplies.

For God all the glory of what we do to help this people in Japan.

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