I Have A Confession

Today, I realized that I have not done any scrapbook layouts, or crafts, or anything that I think I like to do in my free time. Why? That’s because I have set a “kind of very” high expectation of myself lately. That including how I would like to make 1 layout a day, but I couldn’t keep it up with all things that had happened lately.

I have missed about a week, that means I didn’t do any scrapbook layouts in this last week. I am not particularly saying that “I have to” but, you know, it is just some kind a lesson for me not to have a high expectation when I am not so sure if I could do it or not.

I learned and still am learning.

There are some things that more important that my hobbies. I have to have a list of things that primary and important to my life, rather then just “go with it” life style anymore.

My very top of the list is serving the LORD, my God, seek Him each moment through praying and reading the Bible, than serving my family as wife and a mom. And then house works and ministry to others at church and online (I have some translation works online for mission agencies). And now we are members of Wycliffe, that added commitment of serving God and others, building partnership team and getting ready to go as missionaries overseas. These are the main things that I put as my priorities.

And then followed by hobby when I need that free time to put myself back together, a time when I do things that relaxing me. There might be something will put my hobby down to the list, but it’s here where it is now.

Hopefully, I can make more that just one layout a week, but for now I stick to one layout a week.

To live is to learn to change to be better…Never stop learning, that’s for sure.

(hopefully that makes sense to you in English! :D)

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