God Who Says That

I read Exodus 7-10 this morning, catching up with the 90 Days Bible Reading in this Summer, I am so thankful and love God even more!

Knowing that He is the LORD God, Jehovah, who did what He said to His people, Israel, & to the people of Egypt also the same God I worship, that is the God who is doing and will do what He says to me and my family. He is the Just, Righteous and Faithful God.

I am so thankful to be His child and people, and He is my God.

Is Jehovah, the LORD God, is your God, too?

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One thought on “God Who Says That

  1. He is the same! Love reading these truths this week! What a great story of His love and sovereignty!

    Blessings! So glad to be doing this together.