Love Him Is To Love Others

Since we came back from our trip, my heart longs for something. Something that refresh me. Something that stir my heart to love God. Something that will keep the fire burning my heart on the trip and still burning me to serve Him.

This one phrase came into my mind: God is love.

I opened my Bible, search for the verses about God and love. John wrote in his letters, 1 John 3 and 4 are full of truth of God and instructions to love like He has loved us. I learned so much about God and his unconditional love for us and others this last couple of days.

In these two chapters God teach us to love Him is to love one another. Pure and real love only come from God alone. He gives us the ability to love because He is love. He is the one who lives in us and we are in Him, then our love will grow perfectly.

His love we saw in Indonesia. His love is for the people is real. We want to love these people. We want them to know God’s love for them that much. We want them to know that He changes lives, that He has better plan for them, that He sent His only begotten Son to redeem them back from the death, too.

God is the only one who fill our hearts with His love and plans. He calls us to go because of love.

Before I came to know Jesus and His perfect love for me and the world, I lived in angry and hatred. I was angry because I was born as Chinese – Indonesian, looked different that the locals. I hated them because they called me names when I was in High School just because I was different and not Muslim. I told myself that I could be nice to them, but never ever to love them.

To be able love them now it is only because God has changed my heart, gave me new heart and new life only in Christ Jesus. He is the only reason. But if we say we love God and do not love our brothers and sisters, then we lie to ourselves and to others.

We only can love others genuinely it is because God give us His unconditional love.

It is because God is love. I learn that to know Him is simply open your Bible, read, meditate and He’ll speak personally to you.

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