Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Celebrating the birth of Jesus…
…and all that God has done for us this year

We have so much to praise God for this year!

The first months of 2008 were spent preparing for our wedding and work
on Helen’s visa to the U.S. God provided all the needs for both processes and
gave us strength through some tough days.

Our wedding was a wonderful day with friends and family at Helen’s
church in Jakarta. God provided Helen’s visa and we could not be more

Our weeks helping lead the Discovery team on its mission trip to
Indonesia were exciting, challenging and such a blessing to both of us.
After Discovery, we spent a few weeks visiting friends and family around
Indonesia and during this time it was confirmed that we are expecting our
first child, such amazing and wonderful news and a wonderful gift from the

Since arriving in the U.S. we have been preparing for the next steps in
our lives and are excited that Helen’s status to stay here is in process, another
great blessing, as this process is difficult indeed.
As we spend our first Holiday season together we are so thankful to all
off you that God has used to bless our lives this year.

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(Dave, Helen and Baby G)

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