No Turning Back

Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.”

– John 6:68

What a reply from Peter. Here’s small part of the A Devotional for Women today:

When facing the unknown, we may be tempted to retreat, quit, or refuse to move forward. We may be tempted to panic and doubt God’s wisdom. The disciples had many of the same feelings when Jesus began to explain the depth of commitment required to follow him in John 6. Many simply dropped away. Jesus asked his closest friends if they, too, were going to leave. Peter made an amazing statement. Knowing that Jesus was God incarnate and that leaving him would man living a life of lies and pretense, Peter said that there was no other option but to continue following Jesus. Peter may have been unsettled or frightened by the words of Jesus, but he knew the truth when he encountered it, and he chose to stick it out. His choice proved difficult, but brought the ultimate rewards of abundant life on earth and eternal life with Jesus.

Following Jesus requires that we discipline our thoughts and our words. We must struggle with our sin everyday. This can be very difficult alone, but together we can encourage each other and assure one another that our God is faithful and true. Petter wisely said, “To whom would we go?” When we meet Jesus we are in the company of many others. Once we have met Jesus, we know for certain that there is no turning back.

Jesus demands that we choose him over every other enticing option because he loves us. He knows that everything else is just entertainment, not life to its fullest. Following Jesus is no ride at an entertainment part. This real life is with a real God who really loves us.

I pray that we, disciples of Jesus, when we make our decisions to follow Jesus, we really choose him over every single thing in our life because, “Following Jesus is no ride at an entertainment park. This real life is with a real God who really loves us.”

Blessings to you all!

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