On The 20 Days Before Christmas

Today is 20 days before Christmas and we are doing some fun things as family. I am still working on some Christmas gifts and cards.

My husband found out about a local Craft Fair at Shawnee State Lodge and he took us there to see it. We saw some friends there, had good dinner together and enjoyed some Christmas carols from some groups and choirs.


She is a dear friend and the girls was super excited to see her there with her husband and the group. She was our oldest daughter Sunday School teacher.


One of the music groups who sang there were our friends called East To West.


After we had our dinner, we walked around and the Little Girl saw Santa, she run yo him, hugged him and jumped to sit on his laps for picture! It was her first time seeing Santa and she was super excited! Unlike the Big Girl, she was hiding behind the rocking chair that was behind me when I took some pictures. We talked and tried to comfort her heart but she still said No to Santa… Oh Well… May be next year 🙂


And when we got home, the Big Girl continue with her ornament coloring that she has been working on since the weekend. This was her 5th ornament. We had to stop her for dinner 🙂

This is one of the free printables from 1+1+1=1 website. You can grab them here. While you are there, check her blog and find more about free coloring pages for kids 🙂

I hope you have so much fun with your family in this special month.

What are you doing with your family to celebrate Advent?

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2 thoughts on “On The 20 Days Before Christmas

  1. For advent, I have a little box with drawers that pull out to reveal a little treat or a piece of paper that says something like: “Tonight, we’ll go to Jonah’s Christmas concert” or “Play hot and cold to find the treat”. Last night, the treat (our first for the season) was a board game that we played together. We also read an advent book that has a chapter each day. Even though my kids are getting older, they still enjoy it.