Scripture Use

The Word in practice—putting the translated Scriptures to use

Translating the Bible is just the one step towards changed lives. As the translated Word becomes accessible, the broad work of engaging individuals and communities with newly completed Scripture begins.

The process of promoting the translated Word of God and equipping the local community to use it can be challenging. People must be informed of its availability, supplied with the resources to use it well, and encouraged to apply it to their everyday lives.

Scripture-use workers may enlist any number of ways to promote a finished translation—through radio broadcasts, videos and films, and other media. Scripture-inspired dramas, songs, and other artistic creations help awaken people to the truth of the Word. Other projects might also include the development of children’s materials to introduce the Bible to young people; the production of training tools to aid Bible teachers and pastors as they instruct others; and the formation of Bible studies to encourage daily practice and application of the Word.

These endeavors lead to a more finished product of the whole translation work—changed lives, deeper churches, youth ministries, Sunday schools, women’s fellowships, counseling, and so much more.

  • Praise God that through the efforts of Scripture-use workers, people understand that they can relate to God in their own language.
  • Pray for more Scripture-use workers to help with the immense task ahead; ask God to call people who enjoy planting the Word and seeing the fruit of their labor.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for these workers as they seek to connect people to God’s Word and its relevancy to their lives.

Watch what Scripture-use workers say about how people respond to Scripture in their heart language.

Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today Blog

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