Gratefulness Day 11: Something Natural



I was standing on a hill where I could see as far as I could the colors of this season. This view just amazed me! I stood in awe praising God for his masterpiece and greatness.

I thank the Lord for He is the creator.

I thank the Lord for the beatiful Autumn in Southern Ohio.

God has created this part of the world that has four seasons and I am thankful got the be here to experience it.

Gratefulness Day 10: An Ability


I never stop thanking God for giving me the ability to understand His word in 4 languages and ability to do some translation work.

I praise God for the opportunity to serve Him with these amazing people to bring the Gospel in languages people can understand best!

I am thanking God for the YouVersion translation teams & leaders. In the last 3 years I have been part of this amazing translation team for Indonesian language. I am thanking God for each of the YV Indonesian team member whom God brought into the team and use them to accomplish His plan for Indonesia so that the people have more access to His word in their mobiles, tablets and online. I thank God for all the people from who given the vision by God and started this Bible App! They have been great blessings to nations!

I am thanking God for Wycliffe BT & The Seed Company. Being part of these 2 amazing organizations for the last 2 years, I have seen and met so many people who has the heart for God and the Bibleless People Groups in the world. They have blessed tremendously with their testimonies and works and encouraged me to keep on going in our journey to go to the field. God use them to help me to see His big vision and picture of His glory displays among the people when they come to worship Him in understanding of His word!

God is the one who equips me with this ability, he also will use it for His own glory!

Gratefulness Day 9: Something Small


I often forgot to give thanks to the Lord for small things. When I went through my pictures, I found these little flowers. We found them in the middle of a state park when we went walking there couple months ago. They are so small, got step on all the time because people do not see them when they walk by to enjoy the “big” ones.

I am thankful when I see them because they remind me of no matter how small I think I am, God has a big purpose for my life, just like these pretty flowers, though they are small but God has put them there to make the path looks beautiful.

Gratefulness Day 8: Something Big


I am thankful for God’s BIG VISION & DESIRE that He put in His people’s hearts to love Him & to go to share His Good News to this big world!

This world is big enough for us, but not too big for the Creator. I am thankful for each of the missionary that I know in my life who serves God by leaving their homes and make His mission field as their homes, to love the people He loves and to share the Good News with them so that they will come to trust in Jesus and to worship the One True God.

I am so thankful to be part of His big plan for Southeast Asia!

Gratefulness Day 7: A Surprise

Speaking of a surprise on not a Christmas day nor my birthday, about a year ago my awesome husband got me with this gift:


He got me a Silhouette Cameo! A funny story behind this surprise. Two days before I got a box with a spatula and a hook in it. Surprised me for sure because it was addressed for me and I didn’t have a Silhouette. I got suspicious and texted my hubby with its picture and asked him about it… And he said… “It supposed to be a surprise but apparently Amazon sent the spatula and hook before the machine.” And I said, “What machine?!” And he just gave a big smiley 😀 face on the text. He said, “Just wait it will be there in 2 days.”

Sure enought, I got a huge box at the front porch 2 days later… And it was this machine! Since that day, I have been learning, crafting, and creating pretty things with my Silhouette Cameo.

I thank God for this surprise!