5 Minutes Monday: Kangean

Pray is powerful. It is a way to reach to God. When we pray, we are standing between the gap of those who cannot reach out to Him.

Today, would you stand between the gap between the people of Kangean and God?

The Kangean people are a group who live on the islands of Kangean. The Kangean island cluster consists of about 60 islands that spans 487 square kilometers. The largest islands, Pilat and Sapanjang, have an area of 188 square kilometers. The Kangean islands are situated about 120 kilometers east of the island of Madura and 115 kilometers north of the island of Bali. They use the Kangean language which is close to the Madura language. (source Joshua Project)

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They are least-reached people group. The population of this people group is about 139,000. They do not have God’s word that they can read in their heart language.

Pray for them, for God to make a way for Bible translators to see the need of the Good News for them and send His church to go share the Good News with them.

THANKS for praying today!

5 Minutes Monday: Baduy

We are in December, the last month of this year 2014! Thinking of our journey, I only can say that we could go through each challenge of life this year is all because so many people stand with us in prayers. We pray. You pray. God listens. God answers in His way and will, to reveal who He really is and His glory to us.

I would like to encourage you all, keep praying. Do not stop. Just simply because… He listens…

Today, let’s bow down before His throne and lift up the people of Baduy.

The Baduy or Kanekes are a traditional Sunda community who live in Lebak Regency of Banten Province. “Baduy” may have been a name given to them by Dutch researchers. It is also possible that the name Baduy comes from the name of the Baduy River and Baduy Mountain in the northern part of their territory. The group prefers to call themselves the Kanekes people, which comes from the name of the land where they live. They live at the foot of the Kendeng Mountain in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, about 40 km from Rangkasbitung city. They speak a dialect of the Sundanese language. (source Joshua Project)

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There are about 25,000 people live in this area. They are one of the least-reached and indigenous people groups in Indonesia who completely do not have God’s word in their language and even no one go to reach out to them. They are one of the closed people groups.

Pray that God will make ways to reach out to them and send His churches to go bringing the Good News to them that will set them free to worship the Living God!

Thanks for praying today!

5 Minutes Monday: Lampung Way Kanan

The Lampung Way Kanan are a small group with a strong cultural structure that is distinct within the larger Lampung cluster. The Way Kanan people are made up of five large families known as the Buay Lima Kay Kanan. The Way Kanan live in the regencies of Way Kanan and North Lampung. In North Lampung they live in Bukit Kemuning subdistrict. In Way Kanan regency they live in Bahuga, Banjit, Baradatu, Blambangan Umpu and Pakuan Raya subdistricts. The Way Kanan speech variety is part of the Lampung Api language. There are several levels of formal language (registers) used for special situations. Most of the people can also speak Indonesian. A few of them can even use languages of the transmigrants in the area, such as Javanese and Sundanese. (source: Joshua Project)

Pray for these 43,000 people who are unengaged and least-reached people. Ask God to send His people to reach them and share them the Good New of God’s Kingdom.

According to the Joshua Project data, they have New Testament and portions of Bible in their language. Pray that God will put the hunger and thirst in their hearts to know the Lord and lead them to read the truth.

Thank you for praying today!

5 Minutes Monday: Lampung Sungkai

The Sungkai have a strong social structure and make up their own subgroup within the Lampung cluster. The Sungkai are also referred to as the Bunga Mayang. The Sungkai live in North Lampung regency, in the subdistricts of Muara Sungkai, Bunga Mayang, South Sungkai and North Sungkai. According to their ancient historical records, the Sungkai are likely closely related to the Lampung Pesisir, Lampung Way Kanan and Lampung Pubian. However, they have unique cultural characteristics in that they hold to the Pepadun cultural traditions, whereas the Pesisir people, who speak a dialect of the same language, hold to the Saibatin cultural tradition. The Sungkai use a dialect of the Lampung Api language. There are several levels of formal language (registers) that are used for special purposes. Most Sungkai can also speak Indonesian. A few of them can also use the languages of local transmigrant groups like Sundanese and Javanese. (source: Joshua Project)

There are about 96,000 people in this least-reached people group. They have New Testament, audio recoding and Jesus Film.

Please pray that God’s church will use all these available resources to go and reach out to these people so that will come to know the Lord and will worship Him.

Thank you for praying for the people of Lampung Sungkai today!

5 Minutes Monday: P.U.S.H.

P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens.

I believe that you have heard, or read this abbreviation on any social media or blog posts. Many people use this term to encourage people to keep praying. Jesus is a perfect example of an intercessor. He teaches us how to pray in Matthew 9. He reminds us to pray in private for that’s what God sees in private, He will rewards him. Jesus evens reminds us that we have to pray according to God’s will and in His name, then the Father will answer for the Father knows what’s the best for His children.

There are many guides and books written regarding PRAY and HOW TO PRAY.

But after we read all of these, do we pray? what do we pray for?

Today I would like to encourage you, my friends, to come to the Father with all who you are. He sees your hearts and knows your needs even before you ask Him. He wants to have relationship with you through prayer time. He wants to hear you talking to Him, as His children.

I have 2 prayer points today that I would like to share with you. First, please take 5 minutes to pray for the people of Lampung Abung:

The Lampung Abung are a large group with a social structure that is strong and somewhat separate from other Lampung peoples. The Lampung Abung are made up of three groups: Abung, Seputih and Menggala or Tulang Bawang. Menggala has its own cultural structure called the Megow Pak Tulang Bawang (the Four Clans of Tulang Bawang). The Abung and the Seputih make up a larger group called the Abung Siwow Megow (Nine Clans of Abung). The Lampung Abung live in the regencies of North Lampung, East Lampung, Central Lampung and Tulang Bawang. The Abung are the only group among the Lampung peoples who speak the language Lampung Nyo. There are several registers (levels) of language used for special situations, such as cultural ceremonies. Most of the Abung can also speak Indonesian. Some of them can also use the languages of non-Sumatran peoples who have moved into the area, like Javanese and Sundanese. (source: Joshua Project)

The population of this people group is about 193,000 people. They are least-reached people group in the country and they do not have any Scriptures in their language. Please pray for these needs of God’s word to be available for the Lampung Abung people. And ask God to send His Church to reach out to them.

Second, I would like to invite you all to join all people in the whole word to pray together tomorrow, on November 11. It is Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. Plan to join all of us in all over the world to pray.

And would you please pray today for tomorrow when God’s people get together, He’ll be there, listen to our petitions and answers them to reveal His glory to all nations! Pray also for all of us, who will be praying that God will bless and encourage each of us to see there is hope in Christ Jesus.

Wycliffe’s World Day of Prayer is a global celebration of:

Thanksgiving— as we remember who God is and how He has done the seemingly impossible…again and again.

Joy— as we recognize how God continues to open doors and hearts to accomplish His mission.

Dependence— as we acknowledge that all that we have and are is because of God.

God is sovereign and almighty, yet He has invited us to participate with Him in his mission. Prayer is an essential facet of that participation and keeps us rooted in our relationship with Him.

There is a long tradition of Wycliffe staff and colleagues from partner organizations and churches praying together on behalf of Bible translation. Every day, around the world, people are praying for the Bible translation movements, for the impact of God’s Word on individuals and communities, and for language communities who don’t yet have His Word. But one day a year, November 11, we make a special effort to come together in prayer, united in hearts and minds in all our diverse contexts and locations.

CLICK HERE to learn about the history of this day and how you can participate, including ideas for devotions and videos.