The Lord Be With You And Bless You

Jesus came not to make us feel better, but to save us from the death. He came to redeem, to restore, to heal and to renew lives.

Today’s we start week 3 studying the book of Ruth with HelloMornings group. We read from Ruth 2:1-7. Ruth and Naomi settled in and started a new life in Bethlehem. Both of them are widows. They did not have any men in their lives to provide food on the table, they had to work to survive. As we all know, when we move to a new place, new city, new home, it takes a while to settle in and get used to the new place. But God was there with Naomi and Ruth.

God used Boaz – a wealthy, respected and God-loving single man – to bless Ruth and Naomi and to restore their lives. In God’s storyline, there is no such things as coincidence.

Ruth 2:4 - The LORD Be With You And Bless You #HelloMornings #TakeRefuge

When I read this verse 4, God spoke to me personally to remind me to always greet others with His blessings. In this world already have too many sadness, discouragements and disappointments. Words we speak can be a blessing and encouragement to others, or can be a curse and discouragement to them.

Boaz knew Naomi becuase they were related because he was her husband’s relative. But Ruth, Boaz never met of her nor heard because she was married to Naomi’s son when they were in Moab. When Boaz heard about Ruth that she as a Moabite, he did not care that she was not from their tribe. He let her kept gathering the grain dropped by his workers, he even told them to “accidently” drop more so she could get more for their food.

We often meet strangers in need wherever we go. But we hold back to help them becuase we can come up with lots of reasons to not open our car window to talk to them, or to stop a while at store. We are afraid to help strangers because there are many bad cases we heard. We are afraid to help them because we just not know them.

But our God has blessed us with more for a purpose: to be a blessing to others. And I believe that the Holy Spirit will give us impression in our hearts which stangers who need helps and which ones not. I believe our God will use us to let others know that He cares for them and not to harm us.

You and I always hear people say or write “God bless you” in every end of conversation we have with other Christians. We say or write it not because we are Christians, or to let them know that we are Christians, but there is powerful message in that phrase. When we say, “God bless you” to others, we let them know that God is with them and He blesses them with His blessings! We release God’s blessings into their lives. This not just some empty words that we say out loud.

Let's bless other not only with words, but with our faith knowing that God really be with them and bless them. #HelloMornings #TakeRefuge #BibleJournaling #BibleArtJournaling #JournalingBibleCommunity #DocumentedFaith

What would you feel in your spirit and heart when someone say it back to you? Would you believe that God will bless you? Or is it just a closing phrase?

This truth I read from the passage of the Bible totally change my motive and intention of saying, “God bless you” to others. Let’s we say it with faith that God truly is with them and will bless them abundantly! Not only with words, but let us bless them with our deeds, so that they may see the goodness of God and experience the presence of the LORD All Might to meet their needs.

And I pray that God will bless you all today!

Our Hope To Walk Through 2016

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all ready to start this brand new year with confident and hope in the Lord.

Morning View On New Year Day

This morning I woke up, grabbed my coffee and Journaling Bible with supplies, found a tiny spot behind the couch bu the backporch window where the best light at my husband’s grandma’s house. I was ready to start my journaling and youngest daughter squeezed in with me in thag corner 🙂

I prayed and review the word I picked last year, FAITH. I went through some readings.

As I reading Genesis 22:1-14 when God tested Abrahm’s faith this morning I prayed about it and felt in my heart God put this word: HOPE.

We cannot seperate our faith in Chrisy Jesus and hope we have to walk day-bu-day in the One who leads the way.

Genesis 22:1-14 | Have Hope In The Jehovah Jireh #hope #writetheword #GodTime #documentedfaith #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling #journalingbiblecommunity

On the first day of January, The LORD remind me as we walk through 2016 have HOPE in the Lord who provides everything in our lives. He provide not only physically, but also spiritually. EVERYTHING, big and small.

He will provide it on His Mount. Mount is a symbol of His presence, where He always told His people to build an altar of worship for Him. And that’s where He tells us to go where we will find our needs as we come to seek Him and to worship Him.

We can come boldly to the throne of the gracious God because of Jesus has redeemed & bought us with His blood to be His children (Hebrew 4:16).

We can come boldly to His presence through prayers because the Holy Spirit will help us in our weaknesses and will pray with us and for us according to God’s own will (Romans 8:26-30).

We can come boldly to Him to hear what He’a going to say to us and to teach us His ways so that we will live gloriying Him and not sinned againts Him through the reading of His word in the Bible (Psalms 119).

Genesis 22:1-14 | Have Hope In The Jehovah Jireh #hope #documentedfaith #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling #journalingbiblecommunity

He will provide our needs when we need to dig deeper into His word.
He will provide our needs when we want to worship Him.
He will provide our needs when to live for Him as witnesses of who He is to this world through our words and work of hands.

He will provide our needs when we need Him!

What do you need today to go through this year?

Go to His Mount and He will provide for you.

I pray this post today will give you hope to keep walking in faith in Jesus Christ and that He is in 2016 with you.

God bless you richly in Christ Jesus!

Hope And Encouragement

Romans 15:14

The season is changed here where we live. The weather is cooler and the leaves are changing their colors. They display the artsy side of our God, the Creator.

Following to the changes, our family also been experiencing some changes. Our daughters took turn being sick for 3 weeks. Not yet recovering from taking care of them, then this week I got sick and on antibiotic for ten days. My loving and caring husband has to take care the three of us alone and has to go to work, too.

And this situations cause us to pospone couple of our meeting with friends who wants to hear more about the ministry in SEA*. We have to reschedule everything.

I am exhausted, discourage and weak. My soul is thirsty for eternal water. My heart longs for the divine refreshment.

God, the Heavenlh Father, always knows each of His children needs more than we ever know.

After lunch I took a break watching kids TV show with my Little Girl and then we read two Fanch Nancy books and she fell asleep in my arms. I carried her to her bed.

Sittin at my desk and I grab my iPhone and open the Bible App to read my mid-day reading plan. And here’s what the Lord says to me,

“Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.”

Romans‬ ‭15:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬

(read the verse online here)

I could find hope and encouregement from somewhere else now, but He speaks to me right away that it is ONLY in Him and His Word I will find what I trully need right now to go through every single circumstance.

God and God’s word is the only place we need to look for and first. Not our spouse, or children, or hobby, or job, or anything that this world offers us.

Do you need hope?

Do you need encouragement?

Turn off all distractions and read God’s word for you today. Grab your Bible, or tablet/smart phone that has Bible App on it. Open it. Read the Word that comea from the One who loves and cares so much for you. He always there to teach us, to communicate with us and wants to draw us near to Him.

Apart from Him we get nothing.

He is the hope.

He is the encouragement.

He is the one who will give you the faith and strength to endure in waiting for His fulfillment of His promises in your life.

Read His word.

My prayer for you as you read God’s living word today, His power will change you and He will reveals Himself to you.

God bless you abundantly and richly in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior!

We Are Not Alone

God sent the Judges to rule over His people when the time of darkness, when they did whatever they wanted because they did not have the leader that could lead them to live the life God had planned for them.

They did not have the leader who lived in fear of the LORD. They did whatever they wanted because they did not know who God was, the one who set them free from the salvery. They did not see Him. They worship idols, not God.

We need the godly leader who can lead us to the right path, to God. We need the godly and anointed leader who can lead us in worshiping the one true God.

We need Jesus.

God sent Jesus his only Son, the one He anointed to live on earth, to show us the way to Himself. Through Jesus we can see God,we can know God, we can feel His presence.

But we do not always set our eyes on Him.

But we often take our own way.

But we worship our own “idols” instead of He whom worthy of all worship and praise from us.

That is why we need Jesus every moment in our lives.

That is why we need Jesus to lead us.

That is why we need Jesus to teach us to live godly life.

That is why we need Jesus.

With Jesus we can walk and live in this dark world. His word will be the light to the dark path we walk through every day. His word will be lamp to our feet and will ligth the right path to choose every day.

This life is not easy to live. But with Jesus we have hope and receive grace to continue until the day we see Him face to face.

He is my faith, joy, hope and in His holy name I pray.

HelloMornings - Relentless Study | 2 Timoty 4:16-18 | #HelloMornings #RelentlessStudy #illustratedfaith #writetheword #biblejournaling #journalingbible #creatingjoyfully

The first time I was brought before the judge, no one came with me. Everyone abandoned me. May it not be counted against them. But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength so that I might preach the Good News in its entirety for all the Gentiles to hear. And he rescued me from certain death.* Yes, and the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into his heavenly Kingdom. All glory to God forever and ever! Amen.

(2 Timothy 4:16-18, NLT)

The Word of God in 2 Timothy reminds me to keep on rely on the King of kings whom has anointed by the God himself to be with me, to lead me, to teach me, to rebuke me, to change my heart, to direct the course of my life, the core of my faith, the hope in living in obedience to Him and His calling in my life.

Jesus himself reminds us at the End of the Day, this world will hate His followers, many will be sent to justice for what they do for Him, but worry not because though no one won’t be there with us, but He will.

Scary? Yes. But we have hope. We have the King of kings stand with us. We have the One who have defeated death will stand with us.

When I feel hopeless and weak, He is there to give me hope and strengthen me because He stand with me, holding me in His arms.

I am not alone for the KING of kings, my LORD and SAVIOR is with me. Even others leave me, He is still with me.

My prayer for your today that you will make Jesus the King in your life and follow him in obedience to His word.

Today is the last day of the Relentless Study with HelloMornings. We studied the book of Judges together for 6 weeks. I joined one of the Facebook groups where I found my accountability friends. We encourage each other by sharing our thoughts on the reading of God’s word and pray to lift each other up to the Father. You can find more details on HelloMornings and their available groups, if you feel God leads you to join and find accountability that you need to walk in your faith.

God has plans for each of us and He does not want us to walk alone in this faith journey.

Blessings to you on this weekend!


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Faith Filled Friday

Friendship Blog Party & Social Media Boost 192

Bible Journaling & Partner In Prayer

HelloMornings Week 1 Bible Journaling | #HelloMornings #RelentlessStudy #illustratedfaith #pray #biblejournaling #journalingbible

I am thankful for every time I can have time to sit, read His word, meditate on His teaching, pray to Him and be changed by His power.

I am thankful for Grace Baptist Church family, friends at our Church Bible study & Prayer group, HelloMornings sisters in my FB online study group, Bible Journaling Community (on Facebook and Instagram), sermon podcasts, and even online worship channels.

I am thankful for all the access I have to His words in languages I can understand best.

As thanking God for these great blessings, I never stop praying for those people in SEA* to have access to God’s living word that powerful enough to change their lives, that the Word of God will available to them in 700+ languages they speak and they understand best.

Praying for open doors to the closed doors.

Praying for those who are there among them who translating the Word into their languages.

Praying for more workers to go (including us) and work side by side with the nationals to answer God’s calling and to obey the Great Commandment.

Would you join me and my family in prayer for these requests to see God reveal Himself and glory to the people?

Would you be partner prayerfully and financially with Wycliffe Associates through the works that we’ll be doing in the country to bring the Good News to the people in languages they understand best?

If you feel God speaks something to you when you pray and feel you wanna share with us, please feel free to send me an email. Please visit this link to partner with us.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayers and God bless you!