The Road To Transformation

Translation teams exercise great care in the rigorous and complicated process to translate God’s Word into a language that doesn’t yet have it. Watch an overview of the tasks involved, and learn how each project presents unique challenges and incredible rewards.

Summer Plan Already?

Hey, are you thinking to plan your summer this year? How do you want it to be? Here are some valuable and challenging options for you. Search them here at Wycliffe NextGen website.

Hope you find the right one for you 🙂

Language is capable?

Any language is capable of transmitting the message of the gospel, and as these same truths are expressed and take root in a new culture, they will reveal something new about Jesus as the message is ’embodied’ in that culture.

(Sue, a Bible translator in Madagascar, with Wycliffe UK).

Wycliffe International and Vision 2025

Wycliffe International and Vision 2025
a vision for seeing translation work begun in all the remaining language groups that need it by the year 2025.

All by God’s grace

I would like to thank God for His mercy, grace, faithfulness and helps in my life during the cross culture ministry and linguistics training that I had at KD from August 5th through October 5th. Also, thankful to God for all the blessings, helps, strength, wisdom and knowledge that I got during my study at Atmajaya University so that I can graduate on October 6th. I would say that those achievements are because of God and for God’s glory only. I cannot describe how wonderful and mighty our God in my life since the beginning of this journey with Him until now and then. I only can praise Him, worship Him and thankful to Him.