Teaching Kids About Bible Translation

Wycliffe Bible Translations provides 7 ideas how we can teach our children about Bible Translations and the needs around the world. You also can read the original post here.

1.      Pray for a Bibleless people group together.

No matter their age, your children can take part in Bible translation by praying for a people group without Scripture in their language. Through our FREE Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project, you and your family will receive e-mails to encourage you as you pray, a printable how-to-pray bookmark, and information about your people group as it becomes available.

2.      Make a treat with a recipe from a Wycliffe missionary.

The Wycliffe Cookbook can be a great tool to support Bible translation while teaching your kids about life in the mission field—and making great memories in the kitchen together! Our cookbook has delicious recipes and fun anecdotes submitted by missionaries. You are sure to find treats and activities the whole family will enjoy like Whimsy Sculpture Bread, Baked Monster Pancakes, or Crispy Critter Cookies, to name a few!

3.      Give a Christmas gift that can transform a life.

This year help your family experience the power of generosity by giving a gift with eternal rewards! The 2012–2013 Wycliffe Gift Catalog is filled with ways you can help bring God’s Word to people still waiting.

Let your kids pick a project that your family can help fund, like creating video Bible stories for Guatemalan children or supporting missionary families.

 4.      Explore the world of Bible translation together at the Wycliffe Discovery Center.

Field trip! At the Wycliffe Discovery Center, kids can travel the world and dive into the life of a Bible translator without ever leaving the country. They’ll experience people and cultures they’ve never seen before through interactive games and activities. There’s also a chance to hear exciting stories from a real missionary about doing God’s work around the world.

5.      Teach lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Check out Wycliffe.org for dozens of resources and FREEdownloadable curriculum perfect for your family or Sunday school class. Whether it’s a story and coloring book like Angel Tracks in the Snow, or free lessons about prayer and the steps of Bible translation, you’ll find countless ways to teach kids about Bible translation.

6.      Learn about life overseas with a fun game.

Take a trip to MakaziVille. (No passport required!) This fun,FREE computer game from our partners at The Seed Company lets your kids become missionaries in a foreign land. They’ll move into MakaziVille and learn all about living in a different culture while translating the Bible and sharing the Gospel. Check it out and let the fun begin!

7.      Introduce them to The Story of Jesus for Children.

Next time your family is in the mood for a movie night, we suggest The Story of Jesus for ChildrenCreated by The JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, this video is the retelling of the true story of Jesus through a child’s eyes. It includes some footage from the original “JESUS”film—which is translated into languages all over the world and shared with people who may never have heard the Gospel before—making it a great way to introduce kids to one of the many kinds of media used in Bible translation.

Interested in resources for students? Click here to see what we have to offer!

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