Test Your Bible Knowledge

Do you love playing the game Words With Friend? How out this one? This is a new challenge for you on word game. Test your knowledge of the Bible.

On May 14, the clock will begin on Wycliffe Bible Translators’ first-ever In Other Words Bible Quiz Game—an opportunity to engage our friends and family in a friendly competition, share exciting advancements in Bible translation with our friends and social networks, and win some fantastic prizes every week!

You can play it on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop, or even your PC at home. Anywhere and anytime you want.

And….. Win this Grand Prize: 4 roundtrip coach.economy class tickets from anywhere in the continental United States to Orlando, Florida (rules applied. Read the rules here).

Join us here and let’s the game begin! 

Wycliffe Bible Translators works all around the world, translating the Bible into languages spoken in more than 90 countries. Many times the people living in the areas of the world that need Bible translation have no written language of their own, and many struggle to gain the literacy skills they need to prosper in the majority culture.

The benefits of translation and literacy for these minority language groups are many. They include better health as a result of access to medical information, economic growth due to the acquisition of marketable skills and the preservation of culture thanks to a written history. Most important, Bible translation brings people closer to God Himself—the One who transforms hearts.

Do you feel that God has called you to serve Him? Wycliffe needs a lot of people to make the Bible accessible to more that 350 million people in the language they understand best in their heart and mind. You can get involved in a short or long term ministry that Wycliffe has here in States or overseas. Check out all their short and long term ministry here.

You can be a partner in prayer and financial in the projects that Wycliffe has been doing in the whole world. To find more how you can be a partner, you can go here.

“Those who have never been told about Him will see, and those who have never heard of Him will understand” (Romans 15:11b).

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