The Bucket For Our Well


Translation is what opens the window, to let the light in.
It breaks the shell, so that we may eat the kernel.
It pulls the curtain aside, so that we may look into the most holy place.
It removes the cover from the well, so that we may get to the water…
In fact, without a translation in the common language, most people are like the children at Jacob’s well (which was deep) without a bucket or something to draw the water with; or like the person mentioned by Isaiah who was given a sealed book and told ‘Please read thus,’ and had to answer, ‘I can not, because it is sealed.’ (Isaiah 29:11)

(Taken from Christian History Magazine, issue 100, cover page 2)

Based on the data from Wycliffe Last Languages Campaign, there are 6,848 living language in the whole world! That is a HUGE numbers and that means there are great needs of Bible Translation in the world. These people who speak those languages need to hear God’s Word in their own language, they need to know God’s unfailing and unconditional love, they need to experience how God’s Spirit works in their lives and change them. Most of all, they need to come and worship God, the only and true God.

Jesus says that those who come and drink from the water from him will never thirsty again. The water that he gives will refresh them and give them eternal life. This is the water that more than 6,000 unreached people group in the world need (Joshua Project).

What will we do to meet this needs?

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