The Lord’s Plan


Up until now I still cannot figure out what’s the next step for us to take in this Partnership Development journey. I just know that this journey we have been taking since 16 months ago is not as easy as we thought.

Not knowing the certainty of our next steps really bugs me a lot. Then this verse came back to me since couple of days ago. God reminded me that his plan for me and my family. That He never ever forget, nor forsake, nor abandon us.

He is the one who gives us the desire to serve Him as missionaries and supporting Bible Translation works.

He is the one who leads us to where we are now.

He is the one who put this plan in our lives.

He is the one who will work it out.

For He is the one and the only one who can make it happen.

For His faithful love in our lives.

For He made us.

For He is GOD!

For once again, He speaks to me, “Why worry, my daughter? For I will work out My plans in your life, for I love you so, for I made you.”

In a 2 hours I will be go to a ladies’ retreat with my ladies friends from church at Scioto Hills Christian Camp, we will be rejuvenated, refreshed and reconnected with God. I pray for His new revelation of Himself to me and all the ladies.


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2 thoughts on “The Lord’s Plan

  1. Good reminders here, I too get caught up in the “what’s next” in life…prayer is the first place to start, but often the last thing I do. Hope your retreat was wonderful. (I enjoyed reading your bio, I am a night owl too!)

    • Hi Anita,

      It is so true what you said that pray should be the first thing we need to do, but often become the last thing we do.
      I am thankful you are here!