Tuesday Thought: See Through The Unclear

We came back from Orlando. During our stay there last week, it rained every single day – in the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening.

We drove in the heavy rain every day and it was very hard to see the road.


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When nothing is clear in front of us, we have no idea what to do. We feel unsafe and uncomfortable. We cannot make any decisions.

But we have an option to stay positive and keep see the good things in faith. We can keep our eyes on the Father in heaven who is good and who loves us unconditionally.

We can continue to trust in Him who has been with us since the beginning.

We can see good things will come out from the unclear situations for because He is God who will do good things for us according to His love and will.

He has the best plan for each of us even thought most of the time we cannot see it clearly but He will give each of us understanding and knowledge along the way as we are faithfully walking with Him in obedience.

See the good.

You can see the good.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thought: See Through The Unclear

  1. Hi Helen,
    I’m trying to comment on your lovely project for the Mini Crop at SEM…but can’t figure out how to comment on it at Flickr (I do have an account on Flickr).
    Your project is stunning!
    Take care