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The Bible

How many Bible versions or in how many languages do you have at home? Yes, we have a lot at home. My husband went to Bible Collage so he has several versions on his desk, and I has several from Indonesia. This not counting various versions we have on our electronic devices. We have access to all kind of Bible version as we want, at anytime, and from any device. But,

Today about 340 million people do not have any Scripture in their language. Wycliffe’s vision is to see the Bible accessible to all peole in the language they understand the best. To make this vision reality, Wycliffe also focuses on Community development, literacy development and church partnerships. (

We went to Summer Short Mission Trips (called Discovery trip) with Wycliffe in 2006-2008, we searched, experienced the live of missionaries, connected with the locals, discovered and confirmed by God that this is our calling.

Then, last year we sent our application to Wycliffe and after going through all the membership application and background screening process, we got accepted as members on February 22, 2012. It was an answer to our prayers for about 6 years. God has been leading us step by step, and we still trust Him to lead and guide us further more to bring the Good News of Kingdom of God to those who haven’t heard about it in the language they understand the best. After doing the 6 weeks Equip online training, we are now at the next step.

We are going to Equip Onsite training with Wycliffe USA this week!

This training will be held at Wycliffe HQ office in Orlando and it will be 2 weeks long. It’s gonna be amazing and we are looking forward to learn more about this organization, what we need to do to prepare ourselves and family to go on the mission field, and meeting friends and new friends (or we call them now colleagues!).

For sure it will be a full day trainings and a lot of stuff to cover, we need all your prayer support for us during this training. Would you pray for/with us?

1. Pray for God’s provision for this training needs: spiritual, health and financial.

2. Pray for God’s wisdom and help for us (Dave, Helen & Abigail) to understand all the things that we need to learn as new members and missionaries.

3. Pray for fruitful time at the training, fellowship with Wycliffe leaders, trainers and other members who will be there.

4. Pray for God’s help for Dave in these last 2 days that He will help Dave to finish all the projects at the office before we leave for the training.

5. Pray for safe trips to and from Orland.

6. Pray for our Partnership Development process and sharing time with many people so they will understand and see the great needs of BT and Literacy works in world-wide and Indonesia.

We would like to thank God for:

1. All family and friends who support us in prayer, encouragement and financial.

2. Our plane tickets were provided in time and good price, too.

3. 6 weeks online Training, by God’s grace and help, we could join and finish the training last week.

Waiting and seeking God’s Kingdom and the Truth is amazing. His answers to our praise and prayer always glorify His Name. We would like to THANK YOU ALL, for supporting us in meaningful ways! It’s all from God and for God only all the Praise and Power and Glory!

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