What is Advent?

What is Advent to you? How do you prepare yourself and your family for Christmas?

Christians in all over the world are so excited when we step into December. It is the month of celebration, joy and for kids it means presents. The world is suggested a different meaning of Advent amd Christmas than what the Bible says about it. 

My husband and I decide this year we will prepare ourselves and our children with worship God fully, spend less, give more, and love all. We looked back and realized that we have missed the true meaning of Advent. We got distracted by hunting gifts for every body before Christmas and forgot the importance of searching God and His heart in the time of Advent. So this year, we will do something different, what we suppose to do as a family. 
Not only reading the Bible but having a deeper relationship with God. 
Not only hunting presents that they probably do not need, but spend our money for pur loved ones wisely and glorifying God.
Not only getting things that do not have eternal value, but giving more of ourselves and our time to our loved ones so that they would know that we love them not with things but with the love of God.
Not. Only showing love to those we love and like, but showing more love to those who who do not like us, forgotten and forsaken. We are called to love like Lord Jesus has loved us first.

For this Advent, I choose a daily devotional from She Reads Truth on YouVersion, it is a Bible App that available for any kind of eletronic devices you have. I thing this definition of Advent is what we need to know, remener and teach it to our children:

The word “advent” means arrival – usually of an important thing or event. So on the Church calendar, Advent simply means “the arrival of Christ”. It’s a time for preparation – to ready our hearts and our homes for a great celebration! For many, this means shopping and decorating and baking and parties, and that is all very exciting, though it’s hardly the type of preparation this season truly requires. Advent is a time to quiet our hearts, for repentance, examination and introspection

Now, when we think of the arrival of Christ, we often think about Mary riding on a donkey into Bethlehem for the census, or the angel Gabriel telling her that she will bear a child. Some may think of the Advent of Christ beginning with prophets like Isaiah and Malachi telling of the Savior that is coming. But Christ’s Advent really begins with our need for Him in Genesis with the original sin. From that moment on, the world needed a Rescuer. And from that moment on, a Redeemer was coming to buy them back from the sin that so powerfully enslaved them – and us.

What do you usually for Advent? And what would you like to do this year?

You can share your thoughts on comment box. I’d like to hear from your heart about Advent. Thank you and be blessed!

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