Writing In Action #1

I am not a write and never dreamed to be one. Few months ago, I remember I got a writing e-book. My original though was to develop my writing skill, not only to write a blog but also because every other week I have to compose our ministry with Wycliffe prayer letter and newsletter.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 6.46.25 AMThe e-book’s title is On Becoming A Writer: What Every Blogger Needs To Know, by Denise J Hughes. For a 2 weeks I’ve been reading this book (finally I got to this book!) and I wish she was the teacher at my writing class when I was at collage. She lives in Southern California with her family, a lovely Christian woman (who is one of those who inspire my life!) and a composition teacher at a collage.

On her first chapter, she mentions that she would encourage her students to write a blog, so that they would experience writing process outside the context of school assignments. I think that is a great idea from a teacher. Again, I wish my writing/composition teacher would ask us to do that.

I’ve been blogging (on and off) since 2006-ish, and I am still not confident enough to write and share my stories in English. A lot of reasons behind my unconfident feeling. But after reading her first chapter, I decided to try again, to start from the very basic of what is writing, what should I write and just flow with it. English is not my first language, it’s my 4th language. So YES, I will make many errors, but now I know that is part of learning process.

I will try to “push” myself to be discipline to share my experience here using this assignments, Writing In Action, from Denise’s book. This is the first one.


I went to Atmajaya Catholic University, Jakarta, Indonesia to study to be an English Teacher in 1999 and graduated in 2007. There where I got my bachelor degree on education. I took about 2 years off the collage for some family reasons.

When I was at collage, one of the main subjects I needed to take was Writing/Composition. They had 3 classes for that subject, Writing 1, Writing 2 and Writing 3. I learned to write in English, in hard ways. It was very difficult for me to understand the whole concept the lectures taught at the time. We sticked to whatever they assigned us to write. I didn’t like that classes! My thought as long as I could get a C, I passed the class. I was satisfied with C! I just didn’t do my very best to try to get the best grade for Writing classes.

And I got the point when I experienced the hardest time when I had to write my last paper to graduate. But I was so thankful to God that he brought me through the process when I totally rely on Him, wisdom and He even sent helps through a group of American students who were in Jakarta at that time, the group I helped with their Indonesian language and culture class for 2 weeks. They helped me a lot with editing and helping me to understand some terms that I didn’t understand the meaning. After the group left, God sent a couple of missionaries to help me with the last editing for my paper.

Around the same time, I started to blog in English (I wrote blog in Indonesia in 2006). And through all that, I found out that writing a blog in English was more what I would like to do, but had not enough confidence to do so. But I just kept writing simple posts up until now.

I pray that through this learning process, God will help me to discover what He wants me to write, how and use it to inspire and impact other’s lives so that they may come to know Him and His glory!


I will be so thankful if you, my friends and readers, would leave any comments/critiques/corrections on my writing/post. Your comments/critiques/corrections will help me to grow and improve my writing! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so awesome for taking time to do so!

Your comment made my day! Thank you so much for your kindness. Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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10 thoughts on “Writing In Action #1

  1. Oh, Helen, I’m so proud of you. Your words are beautiful, and they come from a beautiful heart.

    The most important aspect of any written work, first and foremost, is clarity. When we write, is our meaning clear?

    When I read your words, Helen, your meaning comes through perfectly clear. Well done! Four languages? You have already far surpassed me in that arena.

    I’m thankful the Lord allowed us to “meet” through The Seed Company, and I’m so excited that I finally get to meet you in person next month at Declare!

    And if you ever need anything proofread, or you just want “feedback” on something you’re working on, just send it to me via e-mail. You have an open invitation, my friend. 🙂

    • Denise,
      Thank You so much for visiting, reading and commenting on my writing. It means a lot to me.

      God has been using your book to train me and encourage me practicing my writing skill. I know I am still at basic stage 🙂

      And YES! I am super excited to meet you too!

  2. Helen,
    You are a writer (from your heart), gifted from God to touch people’s lives. I’m just so excited for you – that you took that first step to listen to God and just write. I can relate to the lack of confidence. I was never the “good writer” in school. English is my second language and so writing does not come easily. I got to a point in school where I would work hours and hours on my writing and still feel frustrated. I would also have liked to have Denise as my teacher. Now, I realize that God has been my faithful teacher and cheerleader. Together, we can learn to embrace our inner writers – LOL Yes, we are writers for Christ. Keep shinning Helen! Can’t wait to meet you at Declare Conference.

    • Hi Edith,
      Thank You so much for your encouraging words! Yes you are right, we all are writters for Christ! I love your heart and desire when you put into writing your post. Praying God will bless you and use your posts to bless your readers, He’ll be glorify!
      Excited to meet you in person at the Conference!

  3. Helen, I absolutely agree with Edith! Your heart shines through your writing. My husband teases me because I have a “thing” about using proper grammar/spelling/etc. But blogging has shown me how there are many ways to stretch that…how the so-called imperfect can convey an idea that the “proper” may have missed. You are so brave! I love how you’ve stepped out and write with such courage in your 4th (WOW) language! I can’t wait to meet you at Declare!

    • Courtney, Thanks for visiting and taking time to read my short post. Your words are so encouraging to me 🙂 Misspell, grammatical errors, and using wrong words to express my idea are the mistakes I did the most.
      I would love to learn more and a saying in Indonesian says, “Practice makes it perfect.” I don’t know if that makes senses in English or not 🙂

  4. Helen, I am absolutely inspired by you! What a remarkable gift for language you have. I can’t wait to see where God takes you on this journey of writing for Him in English!

    • Hi Patti…
      It’s all God!
      Thank You so much for the motivation 🙂
      I am inspired by your blog too! Love the one you do with your girl!

  5. I came over to visit from Denise’s blog. You are an inspiration. I started writing my book but have been in a standstill lately. Writing in English when it is not your first language would be hard. I have enough trouble writing in my first language; English. 🙂 Keep on writing from your heart which is filled with the love of Jesus.

    Blessings and love,

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thank You so much for visiting and taking time to read my writing 🙂 Appreciate your encouragement!
      Praying that God will bless your book to be bless for the readers!