Wycliffe’s Worldwide Day of Prayer

Remembering what God has done and trusting Him to bring it all to completion

Men and women in the Bible made it a practice to remember God’s mighty acts. In Genesis 28, Jacob set a stone upright as a monument to his heavenly vision of the Lord. In Joshua 4, the Israelites constructed a memorial so that future generations might recall God’s miraculous leading. And Jesus, during the Last Supper, took bread, broke it, and gave it to the disciples, saying, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

For Wycliffe, an annual day of worldwide prayer serves as a corporate reminder of God’s hand in the past, present, and future of Bible translation. Today—November 11, 2011—Wycliffe staff working in almost 100 countries will pause to pray for Bibleless peoples and translation work in progress around the world. It’s also an occasion to praise God for blessing this time in history with what is now the greatest acceleration of Bible translation that the world has ever known.

Every completed Bible translation is, in its own way, a memorial, a reminder of God’s faithfulness. In 1932, William Cameron Townsend completed the translated Cakchiquel New Testament to reach one of many minority people groups in Guatemala. Now, the last four Wycliffe-supported translations of the New Testament in Guatemala are scheduled for publication this year.

We celebrate this progress, and yet the mission to urgently reach the remaining Bibleless peoples in all the major regions of the world continues. Thank you for your prayerful role in this task. Our hope is that these 40 Days of Prayer served as a reminder of the more than 2,000 language groups still waiting, and also as a powerful prayer tool for advancing God’s Word to these, the last languages.

  • Join us in prayer on this special day! Go to www.wycliffe.org/DOP2011.aspx to access selected prayer requests. Intercede with us today, for the work of Bible translation.
  • Ask God to prepare the hearts of attendees for this day of unity in praise, prayer, and thanksgiving.
  • Pray that God will move mightily in response to our prayers!

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