BT & Culture Preservation

Cultural identity is strengthened and preserved through Bible translation

Translated Scripture is not the only benefit from a Bible translation program. Language assessment and development, literacy work, and the production of print and audio/visual materials in the local language—all parts of the Bible translation process—provide a number of community benefits.

One benefit is cultural preservation. When an alphabet is created for a minority people group, and their language is developed, speakers of the language have the tools for survival—a way to preserve their culture. Their history can be written and therefore documented. A dictionary and other books can be produced. Their ethnic identity can grow as they gain more confidence interacting with other people groups. And their written language can be recognized by their country’s government and speakers of majority languages.

  • Pray for speakers of the world’s minority languages who do not yet have a writing system. Ask God to call people from these language communities, and those who can partner with them to begin translation projects that lead to changed lives and the ability to preserve their cultures.

Please Take a moment to watch this short video about the preservation of cultures as an effect of Bible translation.

Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today Blog

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