On Air, On Camera, and In the Heart

Engaging oral cultures through Scripture media

Today, Bible translators are encouraged to develop a media plan right from the very beginning of a translation project. It’s one way teams are reaching out to oral societies which make up a vast majority of the world’s Bibleless peoples. In many translation programs, Scripture is made accessible to local people in audio and visual forms.

Through SIL International, one of Wycliffe’s primary partners, a variety of ministry personnel can attend vernacular media training and receive certification. “Vernacular” refers to a person’s everyday language—his or her “heart” language. Vernacular media can include stories, song, dance, poetry, chant, or other forms of communication, and use any number of devices for delivery including video, radio, audio players, cell phones, TVs, and the Internet.

  • Pray for insight and wisdom for vernacular media specialists working to accurately analyze the unique characteristics of oral language communities.
  • Pray for direction and discernment as they consider which media options are available and best suited to the community.
  • Pray that these completed media materials will have an impact on the spiritual lives of those who listen and see them.

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