Getting There From Where You Are

Elivio, a Bible translator, shared the challenges and blessings he experienced while checking the effectiveness of his Old Testament translation draft with the local communities:

“Some of my travel between villages—by canoe, sometimes with and sometimes without an outboard motor—was very long and dangerous. There were times when we were hungry, cold, and even discouraged until we finally got to the next village.

“While I was away from my family, they worried about me and felt sad. But I knew I was doing the right thing checking the translation we had done with my own people. Little by little, we did it with God’s help.”

Many of the remaining language communities that are without Scripture in the mother tongue live in relatively remote locations. This means that to bring God’s Word to the people of these areas, boat, plane, and even motor vehicle travel requires an extra measure of courage and commitment on the part of personnel. Travel in and out of an area can present risks and delays. Weather is a factor. Appropriate vehicles are needed. Medical emergencies are complicated by distance. Personal morale can be affected by isolation from family and colleagues.

  • Praise God for JAARS, a partner organization that serves Wycliffe Bible Translators and related organizations worldwide by taking translators wherever Bibleless people are located—even to areas that were previously inaccessible! They provide safe, effective, and economical transportation via land, air, or water.
  • Pray for the JAARS aviation team of professional pilots, mechanics, and avionics technicians throughout the world who work to speed Bible translation.
  • Pray for the Land Transportation team that provides training, consultations, and equipment for translators and support personnel who travel by land—often over harsh terrain.
  • Pray for JAARS Maritime Services as they provide training, consultations, and equipment to translators and support personnel who travel by water—often under distressing conditions.

Read more about maritime travel on Wycliffe’s website. And for a closer look at this topic,watch this video.


Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today Blog

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