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a life in the field

Leaving home and living abroad.

Not only are there challenges just to get ready to go on an overseas work assignment, but Bible translation workers in all types of roles often face the challenges of adjusting to new assignments, locations and cultures multiple times in their careers. Staying ahead of today’s fast-paced world seems to lead to more changes in a lifetime than ever before. As you pray through this list of common challenges to life on the field for translation workers, try to put yourself in their place and ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind other challenges for which they might need prayer.

  • Pray for God’s protection over missionaries’ physical and spiritual health and that of their family, friends, and colleagues. Ask God to bring good Christian fellowship and support whenever possible.
  • Pray that they will find appropriate housing at a reasonable cost and God’s provision of vehicles needed for transportation. Thank the Lord for colleagues and others in some locations who can help newcomers get settled.
  • Pray for productive language learning as well as comfort with using the language and relating to the culture in everyday life.
  • Pray for children as they adjust to new school situations and develop relationships.Pray also for the ones who remain in their home countries or attend school away from their parents.

Watch this video to see how Chris and Christie Winkler adjust to life in Nigeria while serving with Wycliffe.

Watch the first video of this series to learn more about the Winklers as they made preparations to leave for the field.

Resource: Wycliffe Pray Today Blog

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