Hope In God Who Cares

Ruth 1:1-22

This is hope. That our God cares for us, provides our needs and He even enables us to walk by faith every day.

First chapter of Ruth has a lot to say about it. She took a bold step to go with Naomi returning to Bethlehem with had nothing planned or even promises for her future. Naomi warned her that she would not get any benefit to follow her. But Ruth’s bold statement in verse 16 showed her perspective of how she saw her future. Her determination changed Naomi’s perspective of Ruth and her movite behind her decision.

I am pretty sure she heard about who God is when she lived with her husband and family. But them she also heard how Naomi blamed God for her losts and hard time. Yet still Ruth wanted to make Him her God. But why?

Ruth saw there was hope. She found hope in God of Israel in time of uncertain of her own future. She just trusted Him! She trusted in God whom she heard, especially when they returned to Bethlehem. She witnessed what God had done to His people after the long famine years they experienced.

There is hope in God who cares. There is hope in Him who workes in each of His children’s lives to meet their needs, to enable them to walk by faith every step they take. And WE ARE HIS CHILDREN! He cares for us!

My dear friends, there is hope in God who cares for you! I pray today for you to have hope only in Heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally. May God bless your faith richly today!

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4 thoughts on “Hope In God Who Cares

  1. Wonderful post Helen! I really neededvthis reminder today. My depression is so black today as I have been wallowing in anger at the person who manipulated me into this move and at myself for again allowing a man to make decisions that should be made only by me after serious prayer time with my God. And then as I am going thru this there was an incident with drugs/alcohol with my younger son last night. Today instead of being in church where I belonged I lay under the covers wallowing in the blackness of anger and depression. But, you are right in your post. My God does care. And He does not like to see me wasting precious time in this way. I again need to re-focus. I need to get my priorities in order and I need to beg God to lead me out of this wilderness. I need to let go of the negative people snd experiences and just move on and try to see things thru God’s eyes instead of my limited vision.

    • Oh my dear friend, I will be praying for you, keep trusting God and have hope in Him. We have no power to change others but God does and He is powerful enough to change your son and leads him back to The Heavenly Father.


  2. Helen,
    I am so grateful to have read your thoughts tonight. They reminded me of a Scripture which I had to turn to & will now share with you … “And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.” (Romans 5:5, NLT) Those days which are uncertain, we keep our eyes focused on Him, the reason for our hope.
    With much love,