How the Bible Impacts Someone’s Life

This is a part of Francisco Pihali, project coordinator for Meeto Translation Project, northern Mozambique. He reads and translates the Word of God in his own language and God really speaks to him personally, and imagine when that happen to all the people who speak in the same language can hear God’s word in their own heart language. They all will be changed by the power of God’s word.

When I translate, I read the Scriptures and let God speak to my heart first.  That process of preparing to translate is a time of devotion for me, and lets God work in my life.

I recently read from the book of Ephesians that Jesus is the cornerstone. I discovered that Jesus is actually the cornerstone of my life.  I was with my colleague in school, and we were both emotionally moved by that truth. My trust and faith in Jesus grew dramatically in response to that Scripture. I have never forgotten that verse.

What have I discovered in the translation process? I have discovered that it’s not just translation, but life devotion.

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