It Is Okay To Say No

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. – Luke 5:16

I sometimes will feel guilty to say no to get involve with Christian Activities at our local church. This guilty feeling tell me that I am not “Christian” and “active” enough with the church and other people. Is it a lie? Is it a intimidation? It is to me after I read this Women’s Devotional from New Living Translation website.

The verse of today from Luke 5:16 teaches us that even Jesus took sometimes off and be alone in the wilderness for prayer, to reconnect with His Heavenly Father. Jesus said no to any charity or so called Christian activities just to pray, seemed for God’s guidance and be with God.

If you’re active in church, you attend Sunday worship, Wednesday prayer meeting, lead a women’s Bible study, teach Sunday school, sing in the choir . . . the list could go on. And you never take a break, right? Of course not. Saying no to people in need is not something a Christian woman does, right? Taking time off makes us feel guilty.

That’s why studying Jesus’ ministry is so important for us overachievers. When we look at his life, we see a Savior who knew his limits. Jesus chose whom to help and whom to say no to. Even though his time on earth was short, he still spent long hours alone. If Jesus did not view these rests as selfish or wasteful, why do we? And he didn’t hesitate to tell women to slow down, either–remember Mary and Martha?

Ladies, it’s okay to say no. Go ahead–rest. Rejuvenate. Don’t kid yourself into believing that you can’t take a break. That kind of pride will only drive you to exhaustion. God the Creator rested on the seventh day. And Jesus constantly withdrew from the crowds to connect alone with the Father.

Whatever you do, is it more important than what Jesus did when he was on this earth? If not, then take a time off from whatever you do to reconnect with God and to have constant refueling by God. That is important.

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