Introduction To Indonesian Language and Culture

Recently I made friend with a girl whom I met on Wycliffe Next Generation community website. She asked some questions about Indonesia because she will be moving there with her family soon for ministry. I remember some of the books that my husband got for himself in getting ready to go to Indonesia.

In your getting to know and preparation to go overseas (short term or long term), one thing among the others things on your preparation list is learning basic language and culture of the country. So here I would like to suggest you books that you can use to prepare your self and get some taste of Indonesian.

First book is Basic Indonesian, An Introduction Coursebook. You can try to order online from Barnes and Noble bookstore where we got it for my husband to learn Indonesian. This book comes with a Audio CD which will be helpful for you to listen and practice the pronunciation.

There are some other books if you need to get it started with your language and culture that you can find them on Amazon (you can get pretty much anything there, right? :D). My husband also has this one:

Here’s the link to this book: Bahasa Indonesia Book 1: Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture (Paperback).

Other sources you can get from iTunes Store, if you have an iPod. It’s audio and you hear the pronunciations and practice 🙂 Some of the Apps are free and some are not.

I hope these will help you in getting ready to go to Indonesia!

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