Jesus is All


12 years ago I was not only felt defeated but mire likely defeated by the devil because I didn’t have Jesus as my Lord, Savior, Advocate, Friend and Defender. I didn’t have God’s powerful sword, His word in my life, mind and heart. My parents lost their business, we lost everything. I had to leave my school and all my friends left me because I didn’t have money to go out with them. The devil put in my mind that I didn’t have future any more, it was my parents’ fault that I was miserable, that I would never make it. I was done. Yes, I was defeated!

But now I have Jesus! I have God’s word! Every day in the languages I can understand I can read God’s living word and knowing the truth that Jesus is enough.

When I need to be saved and rescued, Jesus is my Savior and Rescuerer.
When I need guidance and direction, Jesus is my Lord who leads, guides and directs me to His way of truth.
When I need a refuge, Jesus is my Strong tower.
When I am in a spiritual war with the devil, Jesus is Defender.
When I am lonely, Jesus is my one true Friend.
When I cannot pray and need someone to stand between me and The Holy God, I have my Lord Jesus as my faithful Advocate before God for me and others.

When I read God’s word, I can understand the truth that I have future! Future that God has planned ahead for me. I am secured in Him no matter what.

For this I am forever thankful to God, my Father!

We are now in a situation where we depend on God that He will provide our every day needs for family and ministry here in States and later on the mission field. He give us hope and faith in the Son of God! He who call us is faithful!

Are you in a situation where you feel defeated today? You are not alone, The Son of God is with you to help, rescue, and defend you. Come to Jesus!

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