Motherhood = Mission

We will not hide the truth from our children;
we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD,
about his power and his mighty wonders.
so the next generation might know them-
even the children not yet born-
and they in turn will teach their own children.
So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting His glorious miracles
and obeying His commands.
~ Psalm 78 : 4, 6-7

My husband and I have been married for 2 years and 4 months and we are still young and learning a lot of things as family. Having a toddler now means we have one more lesson to learn in our live, how to become a good parents and examples to Abigail, our daughter.

I’ve been a mother for almost 20 months! Actually, I am a young mom is not as easy as I thought. It is all about giving up everything and sacrifice to serve my family, including time, energy, hobbies, almost everything I would like to do, I couldn’t do it now. And more to give and more to accomplish. My days full with joy, laughs, love, satisfaction, fear, guilt feeling, grief, and more. As days go by, I am learning new things. Since when I was pregnant, I realized that my life would be different, even since when I got married. But, God has been so patient and loving teaching me how to serve my family as a wife and a mother. It’s a calling in my life. I would give up everything to live out my calling God has given to me.

Jani Ortlund, in The Resurgence Blog, wrote that we as mothers have a mission and our children are our mission field. She quotes some important verses from the Bible explaining how important to serve our children, “Jesus became indignant when the disciples didn’t embrace the worth of children in God’s expanding kingdom (Mark 10:13-16). God tells us that children are his blessing to us (Ps. 127:3). And he places great importance on our teaching our children to love and serve him (Deut. 6:7-9).”

We have a mission and a mission field now, then what? Stay on mission. Does it mean we cannot do other mission work? We can, but our family is our primary mission now. We have a unique calling and role as wife and mother, use that in our ministry or mothering to serve Christ. When the time comes, we will send our children to school, outside our house that means more and more people can influence their life but let’s we invest the good seeds from the Truth in their life that will influence them to live knowing the true God and to love Him. We have to be the first person influence our children life.

After reading Juni Ortland’s blog (click here to read more:, I realize that I am called to become a mother and a wife, have a mission and already in the mission field. It’s God’s calling that I accept and live it out. How about you? Do you accept the calling? What will you do next?

May God’s grace is enough for you and I to do His command and to show His unfailing love to our family and others.

How can a young person stay pure?
By obeying your word
~Psalm 119 : 9

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