Paul and Me


Last week we learned from Paul. His life totally changed when he encountered with Jesus. He got a new life. He had new identity. His identity was Christ.

Learning from Paul last week was an eye-opening lesson to me, though I have read Acts 9 few times. I am blessed that I could read the my first language, second and fourth. That is great blessing to grasp God’s word and given understanding of what He had done in Paul’s life, chose him for specific purpose of His will, and to made His name known to the nations. God got all detail layout for him.


Jumping into week 2 of this Fall Challenge, I have been thinking a lot about the “WHY” God chose me since the beginning. That got to me really deep. Knowing that God has predestined me to be His child way before the foundation of the world, that changes my life totally. I feel secure. I have a guarantor, the Holy Spirit. I have Him, the God!

God gives me the security that I cannot find in the world. He is with me and my family as we walk with Him in our journey to go to the field as missionaries.

God is already there before us.

I am praying this week God will reveal more of Him to me and you as we come to seek Him and His word every morning.

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