Prayer, Where It All Starts


Always be one of my 1000 gifts every day that I am able to read God’s word in my heart language! We’re still waiting for the completion the whole Bible. But there are about 200 million people who speaks over 2000 languages are still waiting to have 1 verse of God’s word in their heart languages.

Today’s HelloMornings reading is from Acts 11:1-30, It’s all begins with prayer. In the whole passage Peter explain to the Apostles in Jerusalem what had happened and why he ate with Cornelius, the Gentiles (Acts 10:4) that is because the Angel of God had appeared to both of them at the same time, different places.

Pe degar itu, tu orang-orang Yahudi yang percaya pa Yesus so nyada se sala pa Petrus. Dorang puji pa Tuhan Allah kong ba bilang, “Jadi, orang-orang bukang Yahudi lei Tuhan Allah so kase kesempatan for bertobat supaya dorang bole dapa hidup kekal.” (Kisah Para Rasul 11:18, Manadonese)

Ketika mereka mendengar hal itu, mereka menjadi tenang, lalu memuliakan Allah, katanya “Jadi kepada bangsa-bangsa lain juga Allah mengaruniakan pertobatan yang memimpin kepada hidup.” (Kisah Para Rasul 11:18, Terjemahan Baru)

When others heart about this, they stopped objecting and began praising God. They said, “We can see that God has also given the Gentiles the privilege of repenting of their sins and receiving eternal life.” (Acts 11:18, NTL)  

This happened because Cornelius were praying and God heard him. God gave Peter a mission to go and reached out Cornelius and his households. God changed Peter’s perspective of sharing the Good News not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles. God showed Peter that what God knew Peter would understand the best.

This is one of the prayer I have been praying for since I went to a small village in East Borneo, Indonesia. A group of people who speak the language I couldn’t understand and cannot speak. They do not understand Indonesian at all because there is no school at all there. Nothing. They were left behind. God showed me the way I could understand best what He wants me to see. He showed me the needs. He changed my perspective and motive to go back to school and finished my study. God leads people because He hears others prayer. He hears the people calling out to Him.

Would you be the answer today to end this Bible Poverty? How about start with praying?

Would you join me in prayer asking God to send more workers like the Apostles in the book of Acts to go translating, preaching and teaching God’s Word to them?

Would you pray for us asking God to open doors & provides the needs for us to go to SEA*?

THANK YOU for saying “Yes, I will be praying.” God is listening and will answer all your prayers according to His will and His glory in Jesus Christ!

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