Pulling Out The Weeds

Before and After

It was at least 85 degree F (or 29.4 degree C).

It was hot and sunny.

It was 4:30 p.m.

I was tired and sleepy, craving for nap a little bit before we got companies for dinner. But I just kept myself busy inside and outside. After watering my plants, I saw the weeds at one of our flower beds were so tall and were fighting to take over the space from my Gladiolus plants. Not good, I thought. So I sit there on the short wall and started pulling them out. One by one without gloves (I throw them away because got soak in the rain storms and gross!).

It was about in half way to go, my head was getting hot and I was about to give up and stop doing it, I suddenly heard a soft little voice but so clear in my heart and head speaking to me about one of the parable that Jesus told the people. It was in Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.

God always has a unique way to speak to each of us, even while pulling the weeds in the middle hot summer day! This way was the way God used to teach me about Him and His truth. Here’s what I learned today:

1. Jesus knew well about the place where he lived, the people, the lifestyle, the culture and the community. More than those stuff, Jesus knew everyone’s heart. Jesus lived in this world  and adapted the culture not so he could live like what we live in sins, but so he can use the way we live to communicate to us, so he can show to us the hidden truth, so he can save and redeem us, so he can take us back to where we belong, so we can live the original life plan that God has planned for us before time.

2. Jesus used what he knew as the bridge to teach the truth of the Kingdom of God. He knew the best way how to communicate the message from God to the people at that time and He still is doing it today, too. This is what you might familiar with the term of “cross cultural ministry.” A type of ministry that share the Good News to the unbelievers in a different culture with the believer. Jesus has set the example, now we are called to do the same. It takes time and effort, but the result will glorify God and make God known in all nations! Worth it, right?

3. God can use any way, through the universe, the things around us, whatever the best way to speak to us, to let us know about Him, His heart, His will and His plan for us. All creations can speak about God and who He is. He is the author and that means his creations should reflect who God is. For example, when we go to an Art Exhibition, there we see one of the best Art Work in the world, The Last Supper. The first thing we can think or say is this is the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, if we are familiar with his works, then we will continue the list down to whatever we know about him, then the person next to us will know more about who Leonardo da Vinci than what he knew when he came to see that Art Work.

4. God never allow a single weed to uproot the seeds of the Word of God that He has planted in our hearts. Weeds can always uproot the main plant. I did see what happen to my Gladiolus when I pulled the taller weeds. The soil came along with the weeds when I pulled them out. Not good. Not so good I thought. But I did still try to pull off all the weeds from my flower bed. God’s word is planted in our heart through what we read in our Daily Devotional time or when we hear from any media or person. Imagine if our hearts full of weeds already, then where the seeds can be planted? No space any more. That is not so good! Or, if we let the weeds grow wildly in our hearts, what will happen to the seeds of the Word of God that already have been planted? The weeds can uproot it. But God who knows every heart of his creations, knows how to pull of the weed and when. He knows how to deal with our hearts before it’s taken over by the evil. But if it’s already taken over, then God also knows how to clean the weeds from that person’s heart, as long as He is allowed to do so. God is sovereign in all situation and circumstances.

We can always tell which one is weeds and which one is not by the characteristics of the plants. It also applies in our lives. We can always tell who is the God’s true follower and disciples, and who is not. We can not fake it. Our characters will show who we really are. When we have the Holy Spirit, then the fruit of the Holy Spirit (the godly characters, in my understanding) should seen in our life by others and we are known as God’s people. Otherwise, if we say that we are God’s people and the others cannot see the godly characters in our lives, that means we are liars.

Do you want God to deal with all the weeds in your heart and mind today? Would you allow Him to pull out the weeds off your life so that you can bear fruits for the Kingdom of God?


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4 thoughts on “Pulling Out The Weeds

  1. Nice to find you through Gypsy Mama’s link up! Good reminders, and even more so that He weeds our lives… that He never allows the weeds to choke out His word in us, even if for a season they try to do just that. Thank you for the reassurance today.

  2. Your post got me so excited! First, I’m one of those crazy people who loves to weed, and this year I didn’t really have time to do as much outdoor work as I wanted. Second, I am excited to call what I am doing in my spiritual life “pulling weeds”. I love this analogy! I am delving into the bible in a way I haven’t ever before, and I am reading lots of supplemental books in my search for understanding. I love calling it pulling weeds! Thanks! Found you through Gypsy Mama’s blog. ~Lori