Operation World: Reaching Out Through Prayer

All of you might be familiar with Operation World and how this media has been a great tool for all of us in our prayer life. At the end of the year, I would like to encourage each of us to spend time with your family to pray for a nation. Let’s reach out the world through prayer!

You can be part of the team that leading people to pray for nations, to reach out the world through prayer, and to make known God’s glory in nations. More about Operation World, you can:

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Here’s a short link to 10 people who has been using the Operation World Book to lead and encourage people to pray for nations:

The Top 10 @OWTips Leaders of 2011

It has been an amazing year of ministry @OWTips. As the GMI team looked back over all of the interaction about prayer and Operation World resources, we were amazed at what God has done. So to celebrate, we thought we would highlight 10 of you who showed loyal and creative leadership in praying for the nations. Please take a moment to read about how praying (and tweeting) for the nations has impacted these 10 faithful prayer partners. As you read these testimonies, pray about how God might be asking you to lead others in prayer for the nations!

Which nation will you pray for at the end of this year?

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Michael Hyatt suggests these 5 ways to take control your life story in your head:

  1. Recognize the voice in your head. It doesn’t matter where it is coming from (your parents, a teacher, an abusive spouse); just recognize that it is happening.
  2. Jot down what the voice is saying. It might be something like:
    • “You’re too young.”
    • “You’re too old.”
    • “You’re uneducated.”
    • “You’re over-educated.”
    • “You don’t have enough experience.”
    • “You don’t have the right experience.”

    This could be literally anything. Listen carefully and write it down word-for-word.

  3. Evaluate whether this story is empowering. Is it enabling you to accomplish the outcomes you want or is it preventing you from doing so. Be honest. (Sometimes, people are addicted to their problems and the stories that create them.)
  4. Write down a different story. I’m not talking about a bunch of positive thinking mumbo jumbo. I am talking about telling yourself the truth. And often, this is simply a matter of shifting your perspective.
  5. Start telling yourself the new story. Every time your inner narrator begins telling the old yarn, stop him. Say, “No! That’s baloney. Here’s the truth.” Then repeat your new story.
How do you want your life story be? Start writing the new one now!

Back To Basics

Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come. “This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone shout accept it.

~ 1 Timothy 4:8-9

Christians are not typically known for carrying 300-pound weights long distances, but their feats of strength are equally remarkable. People are healed of sickness and disease, families are reunited, and individuals surrender their lives to the Lord God for eternity. For the leader, there has to be a constant regimen of spiritual training. The apostle Paul understood this and made sure Timothy got the message.

The routine is pretty straightforward: Talk to God, the Lord of heaven and earth, daily. Tell him your needs and the needs of others, thank him for his answers, and let him know how wonderful he is. Get to know him and his son Jesus better by reading about them in the Bible. Learn what your spiritual talents are and begin to use them. Spend time with other followers, encouraging and challenging them to become more like Christ. As opportunities arise, tell those who don’t know Jesus as Forgiver and Leader about him and his love for them. Repeat daily.

If properly followed, this regimen will provide a lifetime’s worth of challenge and excitement. It’s time to get serious about the faith. It’s time to become truly strong.

It’s time to get disciplined.


Resource: NLT A Devotional for Leaders

A Great Follower Will Make A Great Leader

Nowadays, we have seen lots of leadership problems in the worldwide. President step down because of the people wanted him to step down, and even at a church, the pastor got “fired” because of things went south with his leadership.

So what is the real problem actually? How a leader can be a great leader and have followers? How a leader can be the one who lead the way?

In his recent post, Michael Hyatt wrote good points about being a leader and how to be a great leader. Here what I quote from him:

I contend that if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower. Although it is rarely discussed, this is where almost all of history’s greatest leaders got their start.

  • Joshua followed Moses for more than forty years before he led the children of Israel into the promised land.
  • Elisha served Elijah for ten years before he took up his master’s mantle and went on to perform even more miracles.
  • The Apostle Peter followed Jesus for three years—and made a lot of mistakes—before he and his fellow-disciples “turned the world upside down” (see Acts 17:6).