Life’s Been Busy

Oh My! I didn’t realize that it’s been a couple of months I haven’t posted anything.

It has been a quite busy months for us. We have been on road trips to visit friends and family for sharing what God has been doing in our lives and about Wycliffe.

We are so excited to go!

I am trying to find time to post more about our adventures, journey with God and what is happening with Wycliffe in all around the world. YES! God is working in people’s hearts, He is opening ways for those who don’t have the Word to have the Word.

We are so thankful God has provided the needs and time for us to go visiting friends and families in North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama from June 7th through June 16th. This can be done only because of God’s grace, love and mercy.

We even are celebrating our 5th Anniversary on the trip 😀 (hey! it’s today! LOL!) I never stop thanking God for my wonderful husband, Dave. We have gone through these sweet, wonderful and challenging 5 years and more amazing years to go through together with God. It’s all from Him and for Him!

I’ll be back with some pictures and stories soon after we get home on June 18th!

Please be praying for us! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support!

4 Years Ago Today

4 years ago today is the day when I declared my vow before God, church, family and friends.

4 years ago today is the day when I exchanged my vow with the man, chosen by God for me, to live and share the life together, in good and bad, healthy and sick, and till death separate us.

4 years ago today is the day when I said, “I do” to Dave.

4 years ago today is the day when Dave and I started our journey together as husband and wife, we are united as one before God, and together we serve the LORD.

Today I pray that :

  • God is always be the head of our marriage and family
  • God will bless our marriage
  • God will bless our relationship as husband and wife
  • God will be glorified in and through our marriage
  • God will us to encourage and bless others.
  • we will be encouragement to each other
  • we will be a blessing to each other
  • we support each other
  • we show love and grace to each other

Today I pray for Dave that:

  • God will bless him and anoint him as the head of the family
  • he will be the spiritual leader for our family
  • God will draw him closer to Him and make him love God deeper that before
  • God will give him wisdom to make wise choices that according to God’s will
  • he will love me deeply
  • he will be patient and show grace for our children
  • God will bless his physically, emotional, and mental health
  • God will make him prosper at work so he will be blessing to others
  • God will give him the power to resist sexual temptation
  • God will keep him safe and away from the evil

Today I pray that:

  • I will show my husband respect, grace and kindness
  • God will help me to be the wife He wants me to be for Dave
  • God will help me to be the mom He wants me to be for our children
  • God will give me wisdom to make wise choices
  • God will help me to speak our the truth and blessings
  • God will make me prosper
  • God will show me grace and patient so that I can show grace and patient to our children
  • God will give me the power to resist sexual temptation
  • God will keep me safe and away from the evil

Today I pray for our children that:

  • God will bless them to be the children of God
  • God will give them hearts to love and obey God
  • God will give them soft and teachable hearts
  • they will show respect to us, their parents
  • they show kindness and love to others
  • they will be God’s worshipers and Jesus’ disciples
  • they will used by God to glorified His name
  • they will be blessed to be blessings to others and nations
  • God will keep them safe and away from the evil

… and we have 94 years to go… 94 more anniversaries… we pray 😀

HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY, my dear husband, best friend, and partner of life, Dave Gullett! I love your more and more each day, I love your heart for God and passion for nations and others, I love your silliness, I love your goofiness, I love your smiles, I LOVE YOU!

Remembering 3 Years Ago – Part 2

We are married!


DAVE. He’s a great, awesome husband. I am so thankful that God brought him into my life 3 years ago. Each day I thank God for him and for all God has shown to me through his life. He is the answer of my prayer 10 years ago, a prayer that I prayed every night until August 2007 God gave me the answer.

Remembering 3 Years Ago – Part 1


We met again in Singapore, a month and a week before we were united by God and said our vows witnessed by our families and friends in Indonesia. We spent 3 days in Singapore with our friends. Dave, is the one that I know only for me.

Then we went back to Jakarta and started our wedding preparation for my family and our friends, and we would have another one in States. Why 2 weddings? Because Dave’s family cannot come to our wedding in Indonesia, and my family cannot go to States for the wedding. So we decided to have 2 weddings for each family.

Exactly 3 years ago today was the first time we saw each other again in Singapore after a year long separated by distance.