The Zeal Of The Lord

The zeal of the Lord is beautifully strange.

The zeal of the Lord defied the natural order of life and placed the baby Jesus in Mary’s womb. Her frail, human baby was also an eternal King. God’s zeal produced the good and the unexpected. It was perfect. A baby born in complete innocence turned out to be our only hope of escape from the slavery of our sinful nature.

But the zeal of the Lord is also fearsomely strange.

The zeal of the Lord also translates into Jesus wrapped not in swaddling cloths anymore but a bloodied purple robe awaiting vicious execution. No longer visited by kings but ridiculed and mocked by sadistic soldiers. This, also, demonstrated God’s zeal: love abused by hatred, compassion spat upon.

The zeal of the Lord brought his only beloved Son before the dark hearts of man and the evil of Satan to be brutalized and murdered. Yet it was good, for by the zeal of God’s love for us, we are given a way out of darkness and into the light of God’s love.

The zeal of the Lord is astoundingly strange. A battered and bruised dead man rose from the grave making a mockery of all greed, power, and evil. An eternal kingdom of peace, justice, righteousness, and love was secured for all who would open their heart.


Resource: NLT A Devotional for Women

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