Not too long anymore…

Dear All,

Time flies and I have been getting through the pregnancy for 9 months. These past 3 weeks are my full-term weeks. The baby can arrive any time. I am having the contraction more and stronger each day, uncomfortable when I lay down and swelling feet and hands. But all these things cannot stop us to rejoice and feel so excited to see and hold her in our hands.

Praise the Lord, last Wednesday (Feb 25th), we went to visit my OB and midwife for the last check up. We also had the last USG for the baby. Based on the result, they suggested me to have C-section because the baby is way too big now and if we wanna wait until the due date, she will be way way too big for my Indonesian size! After discussing and consulting all the advantages and disadvantages of having Caesarean-section, and also how to recover from the surgery, we decided to have C-section to deliver the baby on Wednesday, March 4th morning. They expect me to be at the hospital by 5.30 a.m EST (5.30 p.m Jakarta time). And they will have to do some test on me before the surgery. I kindda nervous and afraid, but we trust God for what will happen on that day. Please pray with us for that day. The baby was about 4 kg last week, and she will be a bit bigger when she is born this Wednesday.
Please pray with us on that day for the surgery, strength, comfort, peace and our health, that God take over the process and every thing is going smooth and success. God bless the doctor and nurses. Pray also for Helen to recover from the surgery.

And another news is about the adjustment status process. Praise God that on Wednesday evening after we came back from the doctor, we got a letter fro USCIS Columbus about my finger printing&biometrics schedule. It’s going to be on March 10th, at 3 p.m., at Columbus office. So, we will go to Columbus on Tuesday for the finger print. We have consulted it with my OB and she said that it’s safe for me to do traveling if there is no complication during the surgery and if I have enough rest after the surgery. We don’t wanna reschedule it because we don’t have any idea how long it will take to reschedule the finger printing. But if if if there’s something happen during the surgery and I couldn’t go traveling, then Dave will send the reschedule letter to the USCIS office as soon as possible with overnight post service. We still have time to do that. Our biggest hope of prayers are every thing is under God’s control and every thing is gonna be alright, for we will have safe trip to Columbus, and the fingerprints and biometrics is going smooth and success.

Praise God that it’s half way to go! After this finger printing and biometrics scan, we are waiting for the next interview schedule that could be anytime and probably will be in California, who knows. They will send us another notification letter about it. Pray for the best time for the interview and God will prepare us to be ready at that time.

We are praising God for all what has happened and what will happen in our life.
Let’s praise God together for He is so wonderful and so faithful. His mercy, favor and blessings are new every time.

Thank you so very much for all your supports for us!

In Christ Jesus’ love,

Helen (for Dave and Little One)

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